Moderator's Easter Message 2021

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Easter is a time of hope, a time of new beginnings.

As we approach Easter this year, our hearts go out to people, all over the world, who have been living in darkness and fear and uncertainty and continue to do so.

We think of people devastated by the global pandemic, physically, financially, emotionally and of those experiencing discrimination and disadvantage. We think of families living in situations of domestic violence and other forms of abuse and of those trying to rebuild lives and communities after natural disasters and events such as bushfires, droughts and floods.

As Easter approaches we can also see situations of hope.

As green shoots sprout on the ash-blackened trees, as community groups raise awareness of our biases and judgements, as we stand up for situations of injustice and oppression, as the Covid19 vaccine begins its uptake, there are signs of hope springing forth all around us.

Easter is a time of hope. A time of new beginnings. It is also time of darkness and uncertainty, as we witness Jesus’ journey to the cross and the injustice of his death.

But then, Easter brings the promise of new life, in resurrection power, as Jesus’ broken body, put to death on the cross, is transformed into a new creation.

As is written in 2 Corinthians 5: ‘If anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!’

Easter brings the fulfilment of God’s promise of hope, of a new way of being. It brings the hope of reconnection and reconciliation, of all humanity to God, and to each other; the hope of reconciliation for all of creation.

It is a time to leave behind the darkness and despair of the past. That doesn’t always mean our situations will dramatically improve. But Easter brings a promise of a new way of being, a way of transforming these situations, in ways that we might never imagine; as the spirit of God works in our world, and in our midst. The spirit of God sustains and strengthens and empowers us both to live in these difficult situations of darkness and uncertainty, and to be transformed by them … so that we live out this hope and bring hope to others.

Easter is a time of hope, a time of new beginnings. New beginnings and new opportunities.

The Moderator's full Easter video is available at this link.

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