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The Historical Society was encouraged by the response of many congregations to our invitation to attend a ‘story tour’ of U-City in March 2020. We invited each congregation to have two members attend and share the story with their church family on return. It was an informative and inspiring event.

Unfortunately, very soon after that the COVID lockdown put our public meetings on hold for a while.

We have been equally pleased with the interest and attendance at our first two meetings this year. About 50 people attended each meeting: firstly at The Church of the Trinity in March, with a panel of speakers and presenters discussing the development of Christian music and singing from the 1960s to now; and then in May, during the SA History Festival, our meeting was held at St John’s Anglican Church to hear Dr Meredith Lake of Sydney reflect on her recently published history on The Bible in Australia.

One of the roles of the Historical Society is to generate interest in the missional story of our church in South Australia. Our by-laws indicate that congregations and agencies of the church may be members of the Society. Currently, six congregations, schools or mission functions in this category have membership. To expand this number we are inviting your congregation and church council to consider joining the Society.

The annual membership for a congregation is $30. We invite you to appoint a member who will be recognised as your representative and contact person. The membership will be for the calendar year, January to December. Membership applied for during the second half of 2021 will carry over to the end of 2022. Your representative will receive our quarterly Newsletter (Uniting History SA) and the annual public program details on your behalf. They will be invited to attend four or five planned public events each year.

Events planned for 2021 is available for download at this link and illustrates the way we work, to reflect on and celebrate the historical mission and movements of our church over time. In considering this invitation we believe it could provide a fresh moment for you to consider the recording and the celebration of your own local histories.

The History Centre is located at 44a East Avenue, Black Forest, SA 5035, and is ready to advise and help with local projects.

A membership form is available at this link. We look forward to your response. Please direct your reply to Leanne Davis, our Office Administrator via email: office@ucsahs.org.au or by post to the above address.

For a direct payment to the Society the account references are - BSB 105-150; Account number: 560063840; Account name: Historical Society of the Uniting Church in South Australia - or payment can be made by cheque posted to the above address.

For further information contact Leanne via the email address above or phone the History Centre on (08) 82978472 between 9.00am and 4.00pm on Wednesdays.

Blessings on all your continuing ministries,

Dr Judith Raftery, President
Uniting Church South Australia Historical Society

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