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It is now a few years since the Synod of SA celebrated their 40th birthday and at Christ Church Uniting we received a wattle tree (Acacia) as a tiny tube stock to mark the occasion. The Christ Church Uniting Garden was destroyed by flood and it has taken us a number of years to restore and develop our Healing Garden behind Christ Church and along the Parklands Creek which had been the cause of the great flood.

Last weekend we invited the community to visit our restored garden, which is well-named as it has been restored with the help of many of our congregation who donated development funds, many hours of their time, Natural Resources SA restoration Grant, Stillpoint who donated two pieces of slate used in the meditative path, and also support from Eldercare, with whom we share the site. As a keen gardener, I was given the tiny tube stock to care for and nurture until such time as it could be planted in the garden. 

In a year of extreme hardship for the community in which we serve, I felt urged to write to the Synod to encourage others in the church to look forward with enthusiasm to the future; to embrace the need of healing within the church; and even more within the community who have responded with generosity to the needs of their neighbours. So I am enclosing a photo of the little tube stock acacia as it stands in our garden today in full flower, to encourage us all to realise that from little things, big things grow. 

Judy Barry, Christ Church Uniting, Wayville

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