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UnitingWomen 2020 is the fourth conference of its kind, where women from the Uniting Church community all across Australia come together. This year the conference follows the theme, Weaving Our Stories Together, which captures the image of God’s hand lovingly weaving God’s mercy and grace through women’s diverse spiritualities, stories, and lives to form a wondrous, colourful community of love in Christ Jesus.

Held from 9-12 July 2020 in Darwin, the conference will include daily worship, prayers and engagement with the biblical text, plenaries, workshops, a marketplace, a special conference dinner, a talent night, and engagement with a local NAIDOC event. The majority of the program will be held in the relaxing setting of Club Tropical Resort Darwin, where delegates can spend their spare time connecting with each other over a cuppa, floating in one of the pools, exploring the nearby bush or taking a walk to Lee Point beach.

New Times asked two South Australian women who have already registered for the conference for some insight as to why they are going, what they hope to gain from attending the conference and why they think more South Aussie women should attend.

Kylie Brice has been previously attended one UnitingWomen conference. This will be her second.

Kylie says, “Between my various roles as mum, wife, Creative and Families Ministry worker in our church community, I spend a lot of my time and energy giving to others. It is so important to stop and fill your cup every now and then, because ‘You can't pour from an empty cup!’. What better place to do that than surrounded by women connected by our faith in the One who fills us and sustains us.”

“I attended UnitingWomen in Adelaide in 2016 and the memories and teachings have stayed with me and given me strength over the last few years as I've served in ministry and in my relationships with loved ones. I encourage you, whatever stage of life you are at - come along and be filled, rejuvenated and uplifted in your journey.”

For Linda Vinall, UnitingWomen 2020 will be a new experience.

“This will be my first time at Uniting Women as the other opportunities slipped me by or because of choices I made to do other things. Part of the attraction this time could be the lure of a tropical breakaway but really, the stories from others who have been before, the shared experiences, is something I want to participate in,” says Linda.

“The chance to gather together with others, to share faith, be encouraged and challenged is the real drawcard. Come and join us as we weave our stories together with those of other women.”

Apart from attending herself this year, Linda is also gathering the names of others from SA who are going or who are interested to go. The idea is to find travel buddies and to group resources where possible. If you have already registered to attend UnitingWomen 2020, or if you are considering to go, please contact Linda via email:

The draft program for UnitingWomen 2020 is currently available to view on the UnitingWomen web page here. There’s also a Facebook page for UnitingWomen2020 and one called The Idea of UnitingWomen – worth a look.



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