Food for the Soul SALA Art Exhibition 2022 at the Red Dove Cafe

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L to R: Grant Piggot, Rev Sue Ellis, Rev Ruthmary Bond, Rev Mark Schultz

The Food for the Soul Art Exhibition was officially launched on August 31st at the Red Dove Cafe at the Royal Adelaide Show.

Food for the Soul is an Art Poster display by original artists that speak to the resilience and hope that rural people exhibit in their daily lives, qualities of the soul that encourage all people and bring joy.

It has been organised by the Uniting Church Fellowship and Mission Support group, of which the Red Dove Café team form part.

In bringing the exhibition together, the aim is to bless and inspire café patrons as they rest and share food together within the café setting.

Rev Sue Ellis, Acting Moderator, opened the exhibition by thanking the organising team that worked with her on this art project, including Judy Styles, Raylene Pearce, Janet Woodward, Rev Ruthmary Bond and Jenny Esots.

Thanks were also given to the artists who responded to the call for art-works, many who were in attendance at the opening. Artists: Ron Woodford, Jenny Esots, Judy Styles, Louise Johnson, Yvonne Latter, Karen Greenhaigh, Trevor Hancox, Pat Williams and Raylene Pearce.

Rev Ruthmary Bond acknowledged the hard work of all at the Red Dove Cafe which has had an inspiring tradition of hospitality at the Royal Show for over 65 years.

Royal Show Site Organiser Grant Piggot acknowledged the long association of the Red Dove Cafe with the Royal Adelaide Show and noted this was the first SALA Exhibition at the Red Dove Cafe and also the first at the Royal Adelaide Show. Grant was pleased to officially open the exhibition.

Rev Mark Schultz, Team Leader of Mission Resourcing at the Uniting Church noted the support provided by Mission Resourcing for this project and commended all those who were a part of the project.

Visitors and organisers of this project set up and opened the exhibition prior to the Royal Show’s opening date, so high visibility jackets were the order of the day onsite as per safety protocols.

During the official opening time security staff looked after the supply of high vis jackets and in return received afternoon tea from the Red Dove Cafe staff. Another story of hospitality from this generous and hard-working team.

The Exhibition runs from Saturday, September 2nd until September 11th, 2022. All works are for sale and a catalogue is available at the café.

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