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New and interesting articles, videos, photographs and other content are posted online every day. Here are five recent items that might be of interest to the Uniting Church SA community.

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Writing wrongs


The recent discussion about the closure of remote communities in Western Australia has drawn attention and criticism from groups and individuals across Australia. Crosslight, the magazine produced by the Vic/Tas Synod of the Uniting Church features an article outlining suggestions for those wishing to write to politicians about these proposed closures.


Freedom and asylum: the photography of Andy Drewitt

Kill Your Darlings

Tired of the usual kinds of images of refugees and asylum seekers in the media, Melbourne photographer Andy Drewitt decided to take a different, humanising approach. His photographs focus on what freedom looks like for those who have come to Australia seeking a less dangerous life. The people depicted have been through conflict in places across the world, over various time periods – from World War II to today. This blog entry provides personal details alongside some of Andy’s photos. The full exhibition is on display until Wednesday 15 June at the Melbourne Immigration Museum.


Singing in the first person: on “I” and “we” in worship

Faith and Theology

Thought-provoking blogger and theologian Ben Myers briefly explores the use of personal pronouns in worship, drawing on recent experiences in Pentecostal church settings and the words of St Augustine. The comment section also contains an interesting debate on this topic.


Domestic violence patrol: ‘You’re always thinking, what if he comes back and kills her?’

The Guardian

This article details the innovative methods undertaken by Northumbria police in response to domestic abuse calls. The police force in this northern part of England have joined with a local women’s refuge to tackle the high level of abuse in the area.

For more information about “Beyond Violence,” the Uniting Church SA campaign relating to domestic violence and abuse, please visit


The complexity of authenticity in religious innovation

M/C Journal

Uniting College Principal, Rev Dr Steve Taylor has written an insightful academic article about authenticity and innovation within “alternative worship.” Steve explores the connections between authenticity, sincerity and originality, particularly within “Fresh Expressions” of church and worship.


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International Mission Update - A Light for Peace

The new 'normal’ that we have entered into can certainly bring changes to how we as a church undertake international mission. However, despite this challenge we encourage reflection on the importance of partnerships, solidarity for social justice issues and ecumenical sharing.


The Art of Listening

A couple of years ago I was participating in a course which had a smattering of people from a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background. I would have said that they were good participants in class discussions but not the most active ones, and I gave little thought to it.


Celebrating Refugees Contributions to Society

A UnitingCare Emergency Relief Centre was needed in the Port Adelaide-Enfield area of Adelaide. And that's when Lefevre UC and volunteers from Port Adelaide UC stepped up.


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