Don't be fooled: be full of life

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Uniting Church SA Moderator Rev Sue Ellis has prepared an Easter video for Uniting Church members and others to view. This is a longer version of the message from the Easter video.

Easter is about the Easter Bunny! Don’t be fooled.

Easter is about chocolate eggs! Don’t be fooled!

Easter is about the year’s longest weekend holiday! Don’t be fooled!

Don’t be fooled: be full of life! This is the Easter message we are sharing from the Uniting Church in South Australia in 2018.

Easter bunny, delicious chocolate Easter eggs and a long weekend holiday all add extra joy to our lives. 

Jesus says he has come that we might have life and have it abundantly, or as one translation puts it, have life to the full.  A full life is a life renewed each day by our relationship with the risen Jesus. 

On Easter Day, we celebrate Jesus raised by the power of God from death to life again.

If you tried to tell someone that your friend, who had died, was alive again, do you think you would be believed?

This Easter, which falls on April 1st, people could well ask: is this an April Fool’s joke?

On the first Easter Day, when the women went to anoint Jesus’ crucified body in the tomb, they discovered he was no longer there. Instead, they found angels who told them that Jesus was alive. The angels reminded the women of Jesus’ words to his followers, that he would be put to death and rise again.

When the women realised all that Jesus had said had come true, they were filled with excitement – with new life – and rushed off to tell the Good News.

But the gospel writers tell us their news was not believed. The disciples thought it was an idle tale, nonsense; a joke.

Determined not to be fooled, the disciples ran to check out the story, but wracked by grief and loss, they struggled to make sense of what they saw.

Until Jesus appeared to them in person.

Suddenly, they were full of new life, too! And they began sharing the Good News with many others.

Today, when we share this Good News of Jesus risen from the dead, we may be considered fools by those who do not share our beliefs.

But it is through this Good News that we find the promise of a full life. This life is sustained and renewed when we follow the words and works of Jesus, when we intentionally nurture discipleship in ourselves and others, and when we reach out to others in times of need.

May this Easter bring you fullness of life.

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