Bush Chaplaincy under pressure

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We are all aware of the year that was in 2020 with the pandemic and no doubt if we haven’t experienced it first-hand we have also heard of the bushfires and drought and more recently the flooding in New South Wales and Queensland.

Rev John Dihm, Frontier Services Bush Chaplain for the Pilbara region in WA, knows only too well the significant heartbreak and devastation he is still seeing on a daily basis. For many, the impacts of the drought and bushfires don’t disappear as soon as heavy rain comes, their effects linger in people’s lives, their relationships, finances and psyche.

Over the years, John has been involved in some heartbreaking tragedies, however 2020 has been the toughest.  He has witnessed the number of suicides and domestic violence cases soar during the pandemic.  In just one week alone he had four suicides. Just think about the devastation that leaves partners, families and communities.

‘We’re at a crisis point in this country when it comes to mental health,’ John explains. ‘The number of people suffering and continuing to suffer is way too high.’

Although past support has meant Bush Chaplains like John have been available to help fellow Australians during some of their most devastating life events; there is a need for further support.

To ensure that Bush Chaplains are available to offer emotional and psychological support to those who are suffering Frontier Services needs to raise $125,000 to ensure they can continue to provide vital services. A donation, large or small, will absolutely make a huge difference to people living in remote areas of Australia.

(This article is an adapation of a more expanded article which can be read at the following link. The link also includes a ‘donate button should you wish to provide your support: https://frontierservices.org/our-bush-chaplaincy-is-under-pressure-and-needs-your-support/)



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