Awash with Prayer (Kingson Selvaraj)

By Kingson Selvaraj

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O Lord, we come to you for everything. We pray for the people in Riverland, those who are unsure of their living conditions. O Lord, you have given us enough water for our living purposes and for the crops to grow. We thank you for that and we also very humbly pray that you give us the resources and knowledge to handle the situation that arises from the increasing water levels and flooding. Help us to understand your message that comes with this unusual situation in our region. On seeing these changing conditions of human life in our surroundings, we seek your help to understand your intervention in our lives and your second coming into this world.
This alarming situation is a painful experience to many people. People need to use boats to get to their properties and people need to travel for an extensive distance to arrive at their destinations. O Lord! We know that you have the authority over nature. Command the nature to work for our favour. Give us the knowledge to work with nature. Help us to understand these situations through the revelations that you have provided us in the scripture. Please remember Lord the promises you have given us. We humbly remember the promise 'Call unto me and I will answer you ...' Please Lord, come into our midst and answer our prayers to strengthen us. May the hearts of the people be touched by your guidance and providential care during this time of trouble, so that every human heart can confess that you are the real and wonderful God. Comfort and console those who are suffering the loss of their profit, properties and belongings.
May the people get appropriate services on time to deal with their situation. We pray for those who are involved in rescue operations and goods delivery services. We pray for timely intervention of different services by the government and non-government agencies. May residents of this region understand and acknowledge God’s providential care and generosity through the services they receive.
We pray for those who are vulnerable, weak, helpless and stranded in this overwhelming situation. We pray for those who have developed the sense of gloom and depression due to the damage caused by the devastating floodwater levels. Please comfort them, Lord. Equip chaplains and pastors who are working with people affected by the flood and with SES personnel in order to serve in ways that please you, Lord. May our responses, reflections and feelings towards this situation bring peace, tranquility and glory to your name. May we be responsible in showing our Christian stewardship and be eager in what we can offer as the followers of Christ in these troubling moments.
We are in need for our agricultural fields to be restored from the flood damage. In your mercy, give farmers the financial assistance needed to repair irrigation pumps and equipment damaged by the flood waters. We pray that roads and pathways will open quickly to enable improved travel and transport. We also pray that farmers will find ways to clear sediment from their fields and discover fresh energy to cultivate crops that help feed South Australia and beyond. We humbly ask these things in Jesus' name. Amen.
(Kingson Selvaraj has lived and worked in the Riverland and is a candidate for Minister of the Word)

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