Advertising Rates

Advertising contracts are available for regular advertisers with a 10% discount offered for 6 placements and a 5% discount for 3 per calendar year.

Cover Positions: The inside front and outside back covers are available with a 10% loading for preferred position.
Inserts: Are available with a maximum of three inserts per issue. In some instances samples may be required before final price is given.

Line classifieds are charged by word count with a minimum charge of $15 for 20 words and 60 cents per word thereafter.

Positions Vacant:

Positions Vacant run in two sizes - an eighth of a page and a quarter page. If design is required from the Uniting Church SA Graphic Designer, please ensure that the ad is less than 100 words for an eighth page or less than 200 words for a quarter page ad (this maximum word count may vary subject to inclusion of logos and other graphics).

Artwork Cost:

Artwork will be charged at a rate of $30 per ad for basic design and layout. For more complex advertisements, $50 will be charged. This price includes a limit of three alterations. Please contact the New Times office is you would like to discuss artwork costs.



Type Size Mono Colour
Inserts     $1,900 +GST
Full Page A4 297mm (h) x 210mm (w)
(+3mm bleed)
N/A $1,800 +GST
Half page 146mm (h) x 210mm (w)
(+3mm bleed)
N/A $900 +GST
Quarter page 133mm (h) x 93mm (w)
(+3mm bleed)
$350 + GST $480 +GST
Eighth Page 64mm (h) x 93mm (w)
(+3mm bleed)
$180 + GST $240 +GST
*Budget ad #1 88mm (h) x 93mm (w)
(+3mm bleed)
N/A $300 +GST
*Budget ad #2 43mm (h) x 93mm (w)
(+3mm bleed)
N/A $180 +GST

*Budget ads are only available to Uniting Church groups or congregations

The editor, in consultation with the editorial committee and/or in reference to the advertising policy, reserves the right to refuse, withdraw, amend, decline, cancel or otherwise deal with all advertisements without explanation at any time.