New Times is the most effective tool for communicating with the Uniting Church community in South Australia, and communicating South Australian initiatives in the Uniting Church through national and international networks.

New Times reaches a broad demographic across the state of South Australia and beyond, covering all ages and socioeconomic groups, but generally skewing to older Baby Boomers and Retirees.

A large number of our readers have a high amount of disposable income and time - New Times is one of the few publications in this state pinpointing this growing market, delivering its considerable discretionary buying power economically and effectively.

Our readers are generally active attendees of Uniting Church congregations, interested in the work of their Church intrastate, interstate and overseas while maintaining strong links within their communities.

Because of this high level of interest and commitment, most readers read New Times from cover to cover - giving excellent exposure opportunities to all advertisers.

Why advertise to the Uniting Church?

  • The Uniting Church is the third largest denomination in Australia with around 250 Uniting Church congregations, faith communities and community and aged care service organisations, schools and colleges associated with the Uniting Church in South Australia.
  • At least 10% of South Australia’s population claim an affiliation with the Uniting Church
  • Being a major provider of community services in South Australia gives you access to our broad community network including 8 schools and colleges, a hospital and 16 affiliated organisations
  • Uniting Church people engage actively within the breadth of the workforce, family groups, politics, schools and many areas
  • Committed to community, around 42% of Uniting Church attendees are involved in community-based social service groups or activities

How far will New Times get my business?

  • New Times is a bi-monthly magazine with a monthly print circulation of 8,000 and a readership of over 19,000 in South Australia, Australia and overseas
  • Printed copies are distributed through Uniting Church congregations, communities, UnitingCare network organisations, schools and colleges throughout South Australia, but are also readily available online at
  • New Times is committed to uniting people by telling the stories of Uniting Church people and action, inspiring hope, love and community to make a positive difference in the world – wouldn’t you want these people knowing about your business?

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