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Creatively worshipping together

Last week Uniting Church congregations from right around SA rallied to find new and creative ways to continue with corporate worship. What did they do, and what will they do going forward to maintain the life of the congregation?


Guidance on Church practices and the Novel Coronavirus

Whilst the situation with the spread of COVID-19 is concerning, there are simple and sensible actions we can take to help reduce the spread and help allay fears in our community. This is also an opportunity to take a fresh look at some of our practices and consider if there are more suitable alternatives that will help to maintain a safe church.


Church Advertising?

Team Leader Mission Resourcing, Mark Schultz, voices his opinion on whether or not we should be advertising our church activities through postcards, social media and other means.


Get ready for UnitingWomen 2020

UnitingWomen 2020 is just around the corner. If you are thinking of joining but haven't made any moves to book your spot yet, these ladies may convince you to act soon.


Stolen Dreams, Stolen Hopes

The Dignity Freedom Network hopes to eradicate the Jogini System (ritualised sexual abuse) in India. How can you help this International Women's Day?


Towards 2027: taking the DeLorean out for a spin

Assembly General Secretary Colleen Geyer has delivered a wide-ranging reflection on the future of the Church at the Uniting Leadership and Theology Symposium in Adelaide. In a speech traversing sustainability, diversity, structure and identity Colleen asks can we as the Uniting Church be bold enough to listen to our history, step away from what has always been, be open to where God is leading us and step aside for the leaders who'll take us there?