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Reflection of the Week - 1st August 2023

I have many favourite passages in the Bible. The whole of Mark’s gospel is one of them. Matthew’s gospel (aside from the gnashing of teeth) is another. I also cherish the ancient hymn fragments embedded in the New Testament, such as the Colossians hymn 1.15-20.


Reflection of the Week - 25th July 2023

In all the bewildering maze of religions and faiths in the contemporary world competing for the allegiance of human persons, Jesus Christ stands solitary and supreme. He was genuine through and through. He was what he claimed to be.


What's new at college?

The Uniting College for Leadership and Theology is now part of a national university, the University of Divinity (UD). Together with Pilgrim College, the UCAs College in Melbourne, we are experiencing the benefits of a broader ecumenical setting and a Higher Education Provider in close touch with national university sector trends and opportunities.


Reflection of the Week - 11th July 2023

We can understand why people who are victims of oppression, violence, war, abuse, or terror of any kind, want the evil that caused their pain, eradicated. This is as true today as it was in the first century.


What is Mission?

Despite ubiquitous usage, particularly in the titles of books and conferences over the past twenty years, we need constant reminding about mission.


Reflection of the Week - 4th July 2023

The kingdom of God, Jesus said, is moved by a disrupting power. But not the kind of power that needs an empire or an army. The kingdom of God disrupts the way a mustard seed disrupts.


Reflection of the Week - 27th June 2023

As I have lived most of my church life primarily in Anglican and ecumenical settings, I have to admit to some bemusement about the annual marking of the Uniting Church’s founding.


SA Synod Meeting Update 2023

A summary of the discussions, deliberations and decisions arising from the meeting of the Uniting Church in SA Synod Meeting 21st - 24th June 2023.


Reflection of the Week - 20th June 2023

Jesus came and stood among his disciples and said peace be with you, then he didn’t try and hide the mark from the spear on his side. He didn’t wear gloves to conceal his scars. Jesus came and stood among his disciples and said peace be with you then he showed them his hands and his side.


Reflection of the Week - 13th June 2023

Trinitarian theology says that true power is circular or spiral, not so much hierarchical. It’s here; it’s within us. It’s shared and shareable; it’s already entirely for us.

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