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Our Vision for a Just Australia

The Uniting Church in Australia has articulated its vision for a just, compassionate and inclusive nation in a new statement and resource.


Editorial comment

New Times published the article “How retired ministers are losing thousands“ on Wednesday 26 March. this article referred to two retired ministers who are campaigning the government to consider exempting other retired Uniting Church minister from tax laws that were meant to reign in public service 'fat cats'. The Synod decided this article was not appropriate to publish at this time as enough had been done by the Uniting Church Assembly in the past regarding this matter.


Eight questions that might awaken you to action

Last Friday, 15 March 2019, more than an estimated one million students worldwide protested government inaction on climate change. We investigate eight questions about climate change and Christianity.


Reflection of the Week - 20 March 2019

As our children prepare to gather at KCO over the weekend, this week's reflection reminds us that Jesus cares for us like a hen gathers her brood under her wings.


President launches Disaster Relief Appeal

Launching a National Appeal, President of the Uniting Church Dr Deidre Palmer urged Uniting Church members to give generously to the National Disaster Relief Fund. This fund supports the work of disaster relief in every state and territory.


International Women’s Day: #BalanceforBetter

On Friday, 8 March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. The theme promoted worldwide for events, campaigns and initiatives happening on this day is #BalanceforBetter. It is a call to action for driving gender balance across the world. What does that mean for us as church?


Cardinal Pell’s conviction highlights our own efforts to support victims

The verdict that announced Cardinal George Pell as guilty of child sexual abuse sent shockwaves around the world yesterday. ‘The church’ in general have been cast in the spotlight once again, with society at large left with a negative view of the church as an institution where people, especially children, should be feeling safe.


Changing behaviour this Lent with Earth-focused app

With Ash Wednesday only a week away, Lent is drawing near. There are several Lent resources available in book stores and on the web, but few claim to be solely focused on the environment or as readily available on your smartphone as the newly launched Just Earth Lenten Bible app.


When change is all around

Change is in the air and the need for information sharing is at an all-time high. Most of the information in need of sharing seems to be centred on the Presbytery restructuring process. As a result, we thought this article might come in handy as a go-to for any fact-finding mission you may find yourself on.