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Reflection of the Week - 7th November 2023

I believe that, right now, Jesus is asking us the question, couldn’t you watch with me even one hour?  How do we answer? Do we go back to sleep? Do we mumble excuses? Do we change the channel?


Reflection of the Week - 31st October 2023

Several years ago, I complained to a mentor that my relationship with God felt flat, distant and like I was going through the motions. On top of that, I found dealing with people increasingly frustrating and my patience waning.


Praying for Peace in the Holy Land

Uniting Church in South Australia Moderator Rev Peter Morel has urged all members of the Uniting Church in South Australia to join in prayer for a just peace in Israel and Palestine as violence and conflict continues to devastate the region.


Reflection of the Week - 17th October 2023

Because grief hurts it is often seen as a ‘problem’ that needs to be fixed, or got through, or ignored or made to go away. But grief is not a problem.


What does it mean to be Australian?

I wake up this week looking into a cracked mirror musing upon what it means to be an Australian after the Referendum. What is our identity? What is in our psyche? Do I like what I am looking at?


Engage out of love not fear

Is a Pacific Island life worth less than an Australian life? Because when we refuse to make the changes that need to be made for the sake of the entire planet, we are only thinking about ourselves.


Reflection of the Week - 10th October 2023

God’s forgiveness is unconditional; it comes from a heart that does not demand anything of itself, a heart that is completely empty of self-seeking.

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