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New and Wonderful Things

Here in South Australia this last week has been especially challenging for many of us.


COVID-19 Update

Following reports of positive COVID-19 cases in South Australia, Chief Public Health Officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier and Premier Steven Marshall provided an update yesterday in relation to the Parafield Gardens cluster.


Reflection of the Week - 17 November 2020

Faithful risking is scary. In Matthew 25:14-30 one servant didn’t know their Master very well because they hid their one talent rather than risk losing it.


The Art of Listening

A couple of years ago I was participating in a course which had a smattering of people from a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background. I would have said that they were good participants in class discussions but not the most active ones, and I gave little thought to it.


New Times - Best Young Writer Award

New Times Intern Tasha Crumpler has been acknowledged by the Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA) in their recent 2020 Awards announcement.


Rev Denise Champion Honoured

On Monday, 2nd November, 2020, Rev Denise Champion, the first South Australian Aboriginal woman to be ordained, was awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity (Honoris Causa) in recognition of her accomplishments as a Christian scholar and leader.


Reflection of the Week - 3 November 2020

The alternate reading for All Saints Day, Matthew 5:1-12, The Beatitudes are a series of blessings declared by Jesus during his ‘Sermon on the Mount.’


South Sudan Crisis

In September, UnitingWorld published an article stating, ‘South Sudan is in the grip of the worst humanitarian crisis in its history. Seven million people are at risk of starvation as drought, lock-downs from COVID-19 and increased violence choke food supplies.’


The church of the future ... is now?

David Gardiner reflected on an article that he wrote back in 1995, which took a look (with a certain amount of humour) at his thoughts on the church of the future … given the year that we have experienced he was not far off the mark!


Reflection of the Week - 20 October 2020

What do I make of Jesus’ instructions regarding responsible stewardship? I meet my obligations. I pay my taxes, and pay for my utilities by the due date. I place my tithed offering in the collection plate each Sunday. I wonder what else I should be doing?