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Farewell to Dawn Garrett, Minister Care Advocate for Mercer

The Synod of South Australia bids farewell to Dawn Garrett, who has been our Minister Care Advocate with Mercer for the last 4 years. We wish Dawn well on her retirement. Minister Care Advocates are the link between members, employers and the Trustee.


Expression of Interest - Uniting Venues SA

Uniting Venues SA’s (UVSA) mission is to provide opportunities for exploring faith, fostering community, creative learning and leadership development through exceptional Christian hospitality.


Reflection of the Week - 16th August 2022

‘When we discern the sacramental principle in the world—the presence of God in every person and every place—then we can rejoice and celebrate the fullness of life and the joy of creation.’ (John Chryssavgis, Creation as Sacrament).


Reflection of the Week - 9th August 2022

Baptism into life with God is too often related to precise ways of being, and specific practices within our religious life. However, ‘being ready’ with our soul’s lamps lit by the Spirit, and being companioned on the road with Jesus, means we are prepared to be immersed into any unexpected awesome adventure that comes before us - even if it is unexpected, and being revealed at a ‘midnight’ moment of life, or at the dawning of new horizons.


Reflection of the Week - 2nd August 2022

The word “innocent” from its Latin root means “not wounded.” That’s how we all start life. We’re all innocent. It doesn’t have anything to do with morally right or wrong. It has to do with not yet being wounded.


Reflection of the Week - 26th July 2022

If we are incapable of hearing others, we will also be incapable of hearing God. If we spend all day controlling and blocking others, why would we change when we kneel to pray?


Reflection of the Week - 19th July 2022

Our lives are in constant demand. We are drawn to the loudest voice, the daily task that is most pressing, or the cause of humanity that is deemed most urgent. Our senses are constantly bombarded by white noise: of life distracting us from the real life-giving source of peace, joy, love and hope.


Reflection of the Week - 12th July 2022

During the apostle Paul’s lifetime, the church was not yet an institution or structural grouping of common practices and beliefs. The church was a living organism that communicated the gospel through relationships.


Reflection of the Week - 5th July 2022

By the time Luke’s gospel was written (after A.D. 60), the church had entered a new generation of believers. They had limited memories of its start and development.

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