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A Liturgy of Acknowledgement and Lament

On the first anniversary of the historic National Apology to Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, congregations have been invited to mark the anniversary with a Liturgy of Acknowledgement and Lament.


The Manna Hill working party that restored a son’s faith in humanity

Frontier Services’ celebrates its birthday on Thursday 26 September. Here in South Australia a recent working party led by Bush Chaplain Rev Sunny Kadaparambil made a huge difference to residents of Manna Hill. It's a great example of how Frontier Services has been helping those in remote communities for more than a 100 years.


The public uprising for Climate Action

The Global Climate Strike planned for Friday, 20 September is shaping up to be bigger than any that went before. Why are we (and just about everyone else on the planet) getting involved?


No more lifesaving treatment for people seeking asylum?

Soon, critically ill people on Manus Island and Nauru may not be able to receive the life-saving medical treatment they need thanks to an upcoming Senate vote to repeal the "medevac bill". But if we act quickly, we may stop that bill from being repealed and help save lives. Here's how you can help.


A Common Dream

Participants of the Common Dreams Conference, held in Sydney on 11-14 July, have asked all governments and churches to support the Uluru Statement of the Heart. Read more here.


Let’s talk about faith

Publicity surrounding Marty Sampson, a well-known writer and band member of Hillsong music, has swelled after he announced through a social media post (now deleted) that he was losing his faith. In this article we discuss why it's important to talk about faith.