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Reflection of the Week - 26th March 2024

Reflect, today, upon how willing you are to embrace sacrifice in your own life. No, your sacrifices are not able to save the world by their own merit, but if you face your crosses in life, be they big or small, and if you intentionally and wholeheartedly unite them to the actions of Jesus that first Holy Week, then you can be certain that you will suffer with our Lord. But you can also be certain that your suffering will be transformed by the power of this Holy Week and lead you to a glorious sharing in His triumph over all sin and suffering.


Reflection of the Week - 19th March 2024

The act of making a pilgrimage – traveling to a sacred place to encounter the divine – is ancient, probably as old as humanity itself. Perhaps the first Christian pilgrimage was that of the Wise Men, men who were not even believers in the Messiah, but who knew that “something” drew them from their homes and studies. Unsure as to what they sought, they found not a someTHING, but a someONE: Christ the Lord.


Stories of Life

Who doesn’t love a story? Hope, conflict, wonder, desperation, loneliness, surprise, love, a hero. Story seems to be wired into our DNA. We all tell them, and we find many ways to do them.


Reflection of the Week - 12th March 2024

Throughout Lent we’ve heard some of the high points of salvation history proclaimed to us in the first readings. These events from the Old Testament have focused on the covenants God made with His people, including Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David.


Happy 1st Birthday Seeds

Seeds Kurralta Park, a thriving church plant of Seeds Uniting Church in Aberfoyle Park, has had an incredible year since its establishment in February 2023. As the community came together to celebrate its first birthday on 11th February 2024, they spent time reflecting on the goodness of God over the last year.


Reflection of the Week - 5th March 2024

God sent Jesus to make free persons of us. He has chosen compassion as the way to freedom. That is a great deal more radical than you might at first imagine. It means that God wanted to liberate us, not by removing suffering from us, but by sharing it with us.


Bush Chaplain Sunny

Bush Chaplain Sunny has a big job. His patrol area of Parkin-Sturt in South Australia includes 49 towns, around 170 farming stations, and multiple mines. But while his job may be big, he says it’s the small things that make a difference.


Reflection of the Week - 20th February 2024

A down and then up perspective doesn’t fit into our Western philosophy of progress, nor into our desire for upward mobility, nor into our religious notions of perfection or holiness.


Reflection of the Week - 6th February 2024

Esther followed God’s direction. Patiently waiting for the right moment, God opened the King’s heart to her plight which resulted in his favour bestowed upon Esther, Mordecai, and the Jewish people. She was willing to risk her life for others and for what God called her to do. I’m not saying we need to do this but I am saying we must be willing to do the hard stuff if God calls us to it.

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