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The two big decisions and what it means for us

The November Presbytery and Synod Meeting, held between 15 and 17 November at Adelaide West Uniting Church, was described by many as the most emotional three-day meeting this Presbytery & Synod has ever experienced. Read about two of the significant outcomes following the meeting.


From recipient to volunteer: Donna’s Christmas story

Donna was a mother in financial trouble. It was Christmas and she didn’t know how she was going to afford to bring any joy to her family. In desperation, she turned to UCare Gawler. This is her story.


Armistice Resource for Rememberance Day

This year sees the centenary celebrations of the Armistice that ended the fighting in the First World War. Defence Chaplain, Rev Sue Page, and the centre for Music, Liturgy and the Arts, have put together a wonderful resource for this occasion.


Standing Committee - October 2018 update

Standing Committee meeting updates are published to inform the wider Uniting Church SA community of the discussions, deliberations and decisions arising from each meeting of the Committee. This update refers to the recent October 2018 meeting.


Love in Action

The detaining of children and individuals in offshore detention cannot continue. The Uniting Church Moderator Rev Sue Ellis, provides ways for church members to express love in action to support those who desperately need it at this time


Children being left behind

One in six Australians under the age of 14 live in poverty, with 26% of children in South Australia at risk of social exclusion.