Peaceful Society

There are many facets to a peaceful society and resources are available here.

Peacemaking and Discipleship: Putting God's peace into practice

By Christopher Walker & Amelia Koh-Butler (via Communication Unit of the Uniting Church Assembly)

What does it mean to put the gospel message of peace into practice? This study book is a resource for Uniting Church congregations, study groups, and individuals who want to examine the Christian call to peacemaking and explore how each of us can practice peace in our lives. Peace and reconciliation are central to the Christian gospel, yet are often difficult to achieve in the world.

This study book explores peace on all levels, starting with the foundation of peace in scripture, and then exploring the meaning of peace and how it can be lived out in our relationship with God, interpersonal relationships, church and local community, the broader society, and in harmony with the environment. The study book consists of scripture passages and reflections, questions for relection and discussion, practical ideas for action, further reading suggestions, as well as prayers, songs, and activities for use in group settings.

A DVD has been prepared for use with the study book, which contains a compelling collection of interviews with Uniting Church members around Australia sharing their real-life stories and reflections about putting peace into practice in their lives. A vital tool for strengthening the tie between faith and works in living out our Christian discipleship, this resource is a call to action for all of us.

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