100 ways to celebrate Christmas

At the core of Christmas we celebrate peace & joy & love.

It isn’t always easy to experience this, when you’re up to your eyeballs in end of year commitments with a to-do list that reaches to the North Pole!

This booklet isn’t designed to help you have the perfect Christmas. It’s an honest attempt to help you find peace, joy and love this Christmas.

Here are five ideas to get you started right now... Click on our Christmas tree to the right to download the list.

If you'd like to print 100 ways to celebrate Christmas as a booklet, jump to the bottom of this page for information and a download link (click here).


Place a gift under someone else’s tree

Make a new friend’s day - without even meeting them. UnitingCare’s Operation Santa gets your gifts into the hands of those who are going without. To find out more go to sa.unitingcare.org.au


Christmas around the world

Not a fan of the Ye Olde English Fare? Try a traditional Christmas recipe from another country. taste.com.au offers ‘Christmas around the world’ recipes to get you started.


Get drenched

Prepare for the water-fight of your life. Pit family versus family, brother versus sister. Get your buckets and super-soakers charged and at the ready! Get game ideas from isoaker.com


Read The Magic Pudding

A classic Australian book about a classic Christmas dessert, written and illustrated by Norman Lindsay. Find it at a good bookstore near you and enjoy.


Make a sandman

A snowman wouldn’t last an hour in our hot Australian sun. Instead, create a sandman at the beach. You can also do ‘sand angels’, by lying down and waving your arms and legs in the sand.

 100 ways

In booklet form

100 Ways to celebrate Christmas is designed to be a free download, for you to keep and refer back to year after year.

Alternatively, if you wish to print it out, we've prepared a version that’s set up to print as an A5 booklet. You’ll need to make sure your printer is set to ‘duplex’ or ‘double sided’ mode and follow any instructions provided with your printer. Click here to download the A5 booklet version.

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