What is a playgroup?


A playgroup is a group of children, who are not in school yet and their carers who meet together on a regular basis. This group may consist of mums, dads, carers, grandparents, relatives or anyone who regularly cares for children. In this time children interact and play with other children of similar ages as well as spend positive time with their carers. In this time parents and carers spend quality time with their child as well as interact with other parents and carers. This can assist carers in developing relationships with other parents and carers in similar circumstances.


Why does the Uniting Church have so many playgroups?

The Uniting Church connects with families through camps, events, festivals, small groups, services and so on. We meet lots of families so when we tell them that we have a playgroup running, lots of families want to join! Our playgroups are so much fun that word of mouth spreads and we find that we need to run more and more playgroups.

The Uniting Church loves to serve the community. Hosting playgroups is one way that the Uniting Church can serve families by providing a great place to catch up with other families from the community, get support through the tough times, build on skills, make friends and most of all have a great time.


Uniting Church SA Playgroup Manual

The manual is a comprehensive resource that includes information for Churches about playgroups. Below is an outline of the topics covered:

  • About playgroups
  • MR SA playgroup resources
  • Starting a playgroup
  • Administration
  • Safety and property
  • Leaders and volunteers
  • Finances
  • Getting the church involved
  • Promotion
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Useful contacts

Download UC-SA Playgroup Manual 2013 (898 kb PDF)

In addition to the manual we have created some Uniting Church SA Playgroup specific templates:


Playgroup Program Ideas

(revised 2013)
This free resource is designed to help leaders of Christian playgroups in planning their programs. 

Here you will find program ideas built around 132 different themes.

For convenience the themes have been grouped into packs for three years with four terms each. The terms relate to school year term and allow you to locate holiday themes, eg Mothers Day in Term 2 and Christmas in Term 4. Otherwise the years and terms are interchangeable. 

Each pack includes:

  • One page of activity ideas for each theme, including games, crafts, guests, songs and stories plus Faith Enrichment ideas.
  • One page about Faith Enrichment at playgroup
  • One page of Professional Development notes for playgroup leaders and volunteers.
  • A chart of all 132 themes

This resource is not a set curriculum; it provides ideas that you may pick and choose from or adapt to your own situation. The activity ideas can fit into whatever format you have established for your playgroup.  

The listing lists by year A, B, or C and Term 1, 2, 3, or 4.  

Please email the Intergen Team requesting these files to be emailed to you: Turn on Javascript!

Activity ideas for Winter

These resources have been graciously donated by KUCA News


Playgroup Articles

Play is More Than an Enjoyable Waste of Time (147 kb PDF) by Kathy Blazewicz 

Music and Playgroups (969 kb PDF) (from KUCA e-news vol. 2 no. 2 2009)