Honouring Grandparents


Great Grandparenting

Grandparents are vital to the life of a family, a community and a congregation. This package of resources is for congregations who want to recognise and support grandparents. The package consists of:

  1. Worship planners’ notes for an all-age worship service ‘Honouring Grandparents’
  2. Facilitator’s notes for a ‘great’ grandparenting seminar designed to
    • recognise and affirm the role grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren
    • encourage and resource Christian grandparents to be intentional in nurturing the faith of their children and grandchildren.
  3. PowerPoint slides to accompany the seminar
  4. A set of posters with sayings about grandparents

Download below:

Honouring Grandparents (630 kb PDF)
Great grandparenting seminar (877 kb PDF)
Great Grandparenting Powerpoint Slides (524 kb Powerpoint file)