Summer Sundays

Summer Sundays — an intergenerational approach to worship in January

Looking beyond Christmas, there is the month of January: hot weather, holidays, lazy days, recharge time, break time.
But our 24/7/365 God keeps serving us, and we his people keep worshiping him.

Summer Sundays is an idea for making the most of those quiet times; challenging and serving people who are at loose ends during the down time, and having a great time together as God's people. For Summer Sundays all generations simply come together for an enjoyable event that includes times for learning, playing, eating and celebrating.
Summer Sundays can be developed around your existing lectionary based program or other thematic worship plans. However, there is one completely developed program available: 'Celebrate Jesus'.


Celebrate Jesus — a Summer Sundays program for January, 2011.

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of a baby. In this series of five events, we come together as people of all ages to celebrate the life of the man.
The Celebrate Jesus resource is a complete planning guide covering the four Summer Sundays components: learning, playing, eating and celebrating. Events celebrate Jesus, who:

  • is always powerful
  • always loves us
  • always listens to us
  • always cares for us
  • lives forever.