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Easter Sunday All-Age Service Resource: Do not be fooled, be full of life - 2018

Prepared by Uniting Church SA Moderator, Rev Sue Ellis for Easter 2018

May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand full. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.” – Ephesians 3:19 
This year’s, Easter Sunday falls on 1 April – or April Fool’s Day. The word “fool” is one with many negative associations. Although we may not mind falling for a prank or a joke on April Fool’s Day, we do not regularly like to be thought of as fools.There is, however, a difference between being fooled by things of the world and being a fool for Christ.

The resource recognises and values the children present in the worshipping congregation and the ‘child within’ each adult and encourages dialogue between generations within the worship service.It is hoped this resource will assist congregations to think creatively about Easter Sunday worship in ways that will encourage the community to celebrate and reflect on this message over the Easter period.

Easter worship resources by Rev Sarah Agnew  

With Intuition, Imagination and Love (PDF download) a service of anointing for Maundy Thursday, with poems, readings and symbolic action.

The Best of All Possible News (PDF download) contains monologues from the viewpoints of Mary, Thomas and Peter as they tell the story of the Resurrection. A third download will soon be available on the same website.

For more information, please contact Sarah via email at Turn on Javascript!

Easter: Together in Mourning and Joy

Here you will find a wealth of ideas for planning Easter worship on the theme ‘Easter:Together in Mourning and Joy’.

The resource includes: general notes about worship with all ages together, specific notes relating to Easter worship, coordinating with the Synod’s Easter postcards, ‘Mourning and Joy’, ‘Easter and baptism’ and ‘Togetherness’.

There is also an Easter Bible study for youth and adults and a comprehensive sample worship service.


Download the pdf below:


Easter: Not just a long weekend.

One long weekend — some 2000 years ago and commemorated every year —is at the centre of the forever-and-ever Easter story.

Here is a resource for an all-age worship service that celebrates the role each of us has in that forever-and-ever Easter story. The service coordinates with the 2014 Easter postcard campaign developed by the Communications Team of Uniting Church SA. 

The resource includes:

  • general introduction to all-age worship
  • notes about Easter worship
  • and a complete sample worship service script.

Download the PDF below: 

Easter. Not your typical love story.

Not your typical love story

Easter is the greatest love story of all time. This resource will help you plan a worship service for all ages, exploring how each person can be in the story. The theme coordinates with the 2013 Easter postcard produced by the Communications Team for the Synod and Presbytery of South Australia. The kit includes: general notes about planning intergenerational worship; Bible texts about love, a Bible study for adults and teens, a puppet sketch, a colouring page for children and a sample worship format.


What's so good about Good Friday

Good Friday and Easter focus the church’s attention on two essential aspects of our faith, ‘Christ died for our sins, just as Scripture said he would. He was buried. He was raised from the dead on the third day, just as Scripture said he would be.  (1 Corinthians 15:3,4)

This resource is designed to help congregations plan an intentionally intergenerational experience in which people of all ages together can wonder at these things, celebrate them and worship the God behind them.

The worship notes and sample service are based on the Uniting Church (SA) 2010 Easter postcard campaign.


Easter Explorer

This worship service is a celebration of the Good News of Jesus' resurrection. It provides an opportunity for people to explore what they believe and it encourages interaction between children and older people. The service can be used in large or small congregations, and can be easily adapted for home use.



Love Lives

Easter is about Love. Easter is about Life.

The Love Lives! packet contains an assortment of special intergenerational elements that you can incorporate into your regular service order or a special celebration format to celebrate that Love Lives at Easter!

Download the notes in PDF format: 


See also 'Living in God's Fatherly Love' in the Family resources section.

Our Good Shepherd - An Intergenerational Service

The fourth Sunday of the Easter Season is sometimes referred to as Good Shepherd Sunday. The Lectionary Bible readings for that Sunday have to do with the image of Jesus as our Good Shepherd.

This worship service takes up the Good Shepherd theme and can be used on the Fourth Sunday of Easter or at another time when you want to use the Shepherd theme. Click here to down load this service: 


Hungry For More

This is the question asked on the Uniting Church SA's promotional postcard for Easter 2011. Here is an all-age worship resource developed from the same question. The resource contains both general notes and a fully-scripted sample service that can be adapted for use by large or small congregations.


Love is . . .

This resource for intergenerational Easter worship complements the 2012 Easter postcard theme 'Love is Pain'. The resource provides some general notes about all-age worship plus song, visual and activity suggestions.

A complete sample worship service (incorporating the Easter lectionary readings) takes worshipers from the concept that' Love is pain' to 'Love is forgiveness', ending with' Love is joy!'