Christian Beliefs and Church Practices

Ten things God cares about - The Ten Commandments

Ten things God cares about can be used at any time you wish to re-examine this foundational document of our faith. 

Most of us are familiar with the awesome story of God’s giving the Ten Commandments to his people at Mt Sinai. This resource does not focus on that story, nor does it dissect the commandments to see what they forbid and encourage.

Instead, Ten things God cares about looks at the commandments as indications of things God cares about — things that are important to God. 

Ten things God cares about can be used as the basis for a single worship service or a series of worship services or for Bible studies.



B who U R - All Saints Day

If ‘saints’ are ‘forgiven sinners’, we are all saints. It is particularly appropriate for all generations of living saints to worship together on All Saints Day.

All Saints Day becomes of celebration of what God has done for us — who God has made us to be — and what that actually looks like in our lives.

B who U R (or ‘Be who God makes you to be’) is the theme of this resource packet. It contains material that can be used to observe All Saints Day in many different contexts. In addition to general notes about all-age (or ‘whole church’) worship there is some background information about All Saints Day and Halloween, a Halloween-themed Bible study and a complete sample worship service.


Dad at Heaven- The Lord's Prayer

The document has both lots of resources for planning your own worship focusing on the Lord's Prayer and a model worship service organised around the Lord's prayer.


A Meal with Jesus - Holy Communion

An intergenerational service centred on Holy Communion. Includes worship notes, music ideas, message and activity ideas.


Baptised to Be - Baptism

Baptism is worth celebrating. This is a packet of resources for celebrating Baptism in worship. It can be used in connections with the Baptism of an infant, child or adult, with an affirmation of Baptism, or any other service with a Baptism theme.

The resources in the packet include: suggestions for planning worship as an intergenerational team, lists of Baptism symbols, Baptism Bible passages, Baptism songs and quotations about Baptism, a dialogue about Baptism, a story sheet of Philip baptising the man from Ethiopia, and a sample celebration service using a bubble motif.  


The Big ASK - Prayer

The Big ASK can be used in conjunction with the Spring 2006 edition of Faith Family: a Christian resource for families or any time you want to organise a worship service that focuses on prayer. 


What's Mine is Yours - Parable of the Talents

This worship service is developed around Jesus' parable about three servants (sometimes called the parable of the talents) and links this with the concept of Christian stewardship. The service can be used any time you are having a stewardship emphasis.


So, what's a disciple? - Discipleship

'Disciple' is one of the words Christians use differently from other people. This is a packet of resources for exploring the meaning of 'discipleship' in a worship service.

The resources in the packet include: a list of Disciple Bible verses, a list of Disciple songs, a puppet sketch of Jesus calling his disciples, an interactive sermon 'Disciples make disciples' and a sample worship service.