Specific insurance information

There are many everyday and extraordinary activities that should be considered in light of insurance considerations. 

Fraud and Corruption

The definitions of Fraud and Corruption are as follows according to the Australian Standard Fraud & Corruption Control AS8001-2008:

  • Fraud – “Dishonest activity causing actual or potential financial loss to any person or entity including theft of moneys or other property by employees or persons external to the entity and whether or not deception is used at the time, immediately before or immediately following the activity. This also includes the deliberate falsification, concealment, destruction or use of falsified documentation used or intended for use for a normal business purpose or the improper use of information or position.”
  • Corruption – “Dishonest activity in which a director, executive, manager, employee or contractor of an entity acts contrary to the interests of the entity and abuses his/her position of trust in order to achieve some personal gain or advantage for him or herself or for another person or entity.”

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Fundraising and events

These include events such as Fairs, Fetes, Markets, Picnics, Seminars, Catering, Excursions, Camps, etc.

Please contact Uniting Church Insurance Services if intending to conduct an event involving any type of adventure related activities (incl. Jumping/Bouncy Castles, flying foxes, fireworks, motor races/rallies), or if intending to have animals present at an event. Extra insurance cover may be required for some high risk events or the risk may be excluded from cover altogether. Risk management is essential with adventure and high risk activities. Pursuits of this nature must be referred to Insurance Services well in advance of the proposed activity.

Events which involve food invoke quite specific Food Laws. Please refer to the SA Health website.

The Event Planning Guide is a helpful tool for all types of events>

Third Party Stallholders

The church’s liability insurance policy will not cover the liability of third party vendors at these functions.

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Other questions

Do we get a copy of the insurance policy?

No, Insurance Services holds the copies of cover in the office as they are quite extensive and can be complex. For any queries about the cover, please contact Insurance Services.

Can we make alterations to our cover during the year?

Generally yes, it does depend on what the alteration is for. Contact Insurance Services and to discuss the alterations required.

Do we need to let you know if the occupancy of the premises change?

Yes, the occupancy of premises affects the excess applicable to a claim. It is important to advise Insurance Services immediately if the occupancy of a property changes.

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