Property Insurance Policy - what is covered?

The Uniting Church SA Insurance Services manages the insurance policies for all properties with an insurance broker. 

Property damage/loss

Generally the insurance broker will handle the claim on the Uniting Church's behalf. Insurance Services will arrange for a loss assessor to assist as required.

Generally an excess applies to all claims, however they can vary depending on the type of loss. Please contact Insurance Services for assistance.

Not covered by Property Policy

Normal wear and tear and gradual deterioration of property are two primary exclusions. Claims that result from lack of maintenance can also be rejected, so it is important to maintain the property. For full details of exclusions please contact Insurance Services.

 Policy Coverage by Age of a Property

There are no restrictions on age. Even the oldest buildings are covered.

Coverage for an Injury on Church Property>

Do not admit liability and do not promise to make any payments, as it must be established who is liable/neglient. Contact Insurance Services immediately.

 Coverage for Unoccupied Properties

A higher excess ($10,000) is applicable to any losses that occur in properties that are unoccupied for periods longer than prescribed below. In the event of a long-term vacancy, reassessment of the insurance needs should be undertaken in consultation with Insurance Services.  See the information below>