Personal Accident – Ministers, Volunteers, Work Experience

  1. Verbal notification must be given to Insurance Services who will arrange the appropriate claims procedure.
  2. A completed claim form, together with Medical Attendant's Certificate, must be returned to Insurance Services within seven days from receipt thereof. 
  3. The completion of the claim form must not be deferred until claimant has recovered

If you believe a claim may be pending, you should contact the Insurances Services department ASAP and discuss the issue with them.

Personal Accident – Ministers Policy

A person engaged in a recognised ministry role (specified ministries) is covered for an accident whilst working, including travel to and from the normal residence.

Personal Accident – Voluntary Workers Policy

This policy covers all voluntary workers whilst they are:

  • actually engaged in any church, welfare or other unpaid activity on behalf of the Church provided that such work is officially organised by and under the control of the Church and/or its relevant Councils or Committees;
  • engaged in necessary direct travel to and from, or during such voluntary work;
  • aged between 12 and 85 years. Please note: Volunteers between 70 and 85 years of age have reduced levels of cover.

The policy has been extended to cover volunteers over 85 years of age for limited covers.

Personal Accident – Work Experience Policy

Cover is provided for persons participating in the Church's work experience programs while such persons are actually engaged in work experience.  Contact the Insurance Services to confirm details.