After an incident


Immediately after an incident:

  1. Survey the area where the incident has occurred and take photos of the area showing cause of injury if known or damage to property and take witness statements if there were any.
  2. DO NOT disturb/modify the area involved (unless essential to make the site safe or reduce the risk of further injury) until it has been established that SafeWork SA or an insurance assessor will not need to inspect the site.
  3. In cases where an employee or product is involved in an accident where damage to property or personal injury occurs, immediately provide assistance.
  4. It is vital that immediate notification (within 24hrs as required by legislation) be given to Uniting Church Insurance Services for all incidents or circumstances which may result in a potential claim and/or reporting to SafeWork SA.  All accidents/incidents must be recorded on an “Incident Report” form.
  5. For emergency after hours notification only (where the next day is not a working day - eg. weekend or public holiday), please contact someone from the service team.
  6. Complete a claim form (which can be obtained from Insurance Services), attaching any letters or demands that you may have received from any third party/ies. Do not reply to these letters or try to defend any claim yourself.
  7. Any further letters, demands, writs or other legal documents are to be forwarded unanswered immediately to the Insurance Services.  Again, do not reply to these letters or try to defend any claim yourselfEither Insurance Services or our insurers will attend.