Business Travel Policy

This is not an automatic cover. Prior approval is required – contact Insurance Services for all enquiries.

Contact Insurance Services for information regarding travel. Application forms noting participants will be sent to the trip organiser for completion prior to the travel. When the completed application form is returned to Insurance Services, the details will be assessed and once approval is granted, insurance cover details will be sent to you.

This policy covers the lives and personal property of employees, accompanying spouses and dependent children and volunteers whilst travelling on Uniting Church SA business anywhere in the world.  By definition, ‘Uniting Church SA business’ is any trip which has been formally endorsed by a congregation Church Council and, for cases of overseas travel, the Presbytery and Synod

This insurance does not cover trips where the primary reason for travelling is for personal in nature. The travel insurance does extend to include limited personal travel during one of these trips, the business component of the trip should be of at least 60% of the travel time.

International travel

It is important to note that international travel cover will only apply where, in addition to the above, approval has been specifically endorsed by the respective Executive Officer (or their appointed representative): Mission and Leadership Development, Pastoral Relations, UnitingCare, and Resources, OR General Secretary (for Secretariat and Communications).

The Church is required to exercise a duty of care and persons travelling overseas must acquaint themselves fully with any risks that are involved.  If a Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) travel warning exists at any time prior to departure the traveller must complete a Deed of Indemnity and Release form which is available from Insurance Services.

Process for business travel 

  1. All proposed travel should be reported to Insurance Services for our records before renewal each year.  Insurance Services send out requests each year to various departments within the the church and to congregations who have in the past sent members on travel assignments, requesting estimates of any intended travel (internatioanl or domestic) for the coming year . Our travel insurance premiums are calculated on these estimates so it is important to let us know each year if you can.
  2. In all cases, whether a group trip is international or interstate, an ‘Interstate and/or Overseas Travel’ form is available on request and must be completed and lodged with Insurance Services at least 14 days prior to any trip.
  3. An administration fee is applicable to each traveller and will be invoiced to the congreagtion or to someone else as nominated.The fees must be paid to the Synod prior to departure.
  4. When the fees are paid, details of cover and emergency contact details will be forwarded for record keeping purposes. 
  5. When the travel is approved; a travel policy summary is available upon request. It provides an outline of the travel policy, including reference to applicable Terms, Definitions, Conditions, Limitations and Exclusions, as well as Emergency contact details.

More information

  • There is an overall age limit of 90 years. Travellers aged between 65 and 90 have reduced levels of cover.
  • Participants should read the travel documents before they depart so they understand what is covered and what is excluded.
  • Keep in mind this is a commercial/business travel insurance cover, so the benefits may not cover all scenarios for everyone and there are limits.
  • The cover extends to include dependent children less than 19 years of age or full time students under the age of 25.