Motor Vehicle Claims

At the scene of the accident:

  • Ensure your safety, the safety of other person(s), the vehicle(s) and belongings.
  • DO NOT ADMIT ANY LIABILITY – as it could invalidate our claim (and it is up to our Insurer or the court to decide who would be deemed liable).
  • Photos of the damage may be helpful if a camera or camera phone is available
  • If the vehicle cannot be driven due to damage you must phone the SA Towing Authority on 08 82315555

 Comply with Police reporting requirements. Details can be found on the South Australia Police website> 

If another vehicle(s) or other person(s) property is involved, obtain:

  1. The driver’s name, address, telephone number and, if applicable, license number.
  2. The owner’s name, address and telephone number.
  3. The name of the owner’s insurance company.
  4. The make, type and registration number* of the vehicle(s). * VERY IMPORTANT
  5. The name, address & if possible phone number of any witnesses who has agreed to be a witness.
  6. The location of the accident, time and date.
  7. If police attended, officer’s name and PIR Number (Police Incident Report)\


Lodging motor vehicle claims

Read the Motor Vehicle Claims Procedure 

  1. Lodge the claim with Allianz Insurance

A. ** Preferred Method ** Motor Claims should be lodged over the phone on 1300 858 649 (24Hrs/7 days) to Allianz Insurance.

*Confirm a crash repairer of your choice with the Allianz operator.
*You will need to quote the Policy No:  95-0957526-VFT
*and Insured Name:  Uniting Church in Australia (SA Synod)



B. Motor Vehicle Claim Allianz (213 kb PDF)

2. Obtain one (1) quote only from a repairer of your choice and ask the repairer to forward it directly to Allianz (via post, fax or email) according to the procedure document above.

For queries in relation to your claim or to arrange an assessment call Allianz's claims officer and advise that you are driving a vehicle covered by the Uniting Church in Australia (SA Synod) Fleet policy no 95-0957526-VFT

After-hours Assistance

For assistance with a claim after normal business hours call  1300 858 649


Windscreen Claims (and side and rear windows)

  • Contact O’Brien Glass 24/7 directly on 13 16 16 for all windscreen claims. You’ll need the Motor Vehicle Policy Number


No Claim form is required. O’Brien’s account will be submitted directly to Vero Insurance on your behalf.  O’Brien are authorised to make arrangements for windscreen claims without the need to contact Vero Insurance.

If you choose another windscreen repairer, you will need to complete a Allianz Windscreen Claim Form and post, fax or email according to the procedure document listed above in Motor Vehicle Claims.

Note: NO EXCESS applies to Windscreen claims.

Information on Excesses

Advise the Property Department on (08) 8236 4209 or email to of the incident and the action you have taken.

The Property Department will arrange for the payment of any policy excess applicable (Basic plus Age) directly to the repairer, as some crash repairers will not release the vehicle until an excess is paid.

For vehicles under a Uniting Church lease scheme, contact Property Department to arrange the repayment of your portion of any excess applicable due to Lease Arrangements.

Current Policy Excesses

The following various excesses apply:

  • Cars   $1000
  • Buses   $1,000
  • Trailers    Contact Insurance Services

Plus the following additional "Age & Inexperienced Driver’s Excesses" apply:

  • Driver under 21 years of age: Contact Insurance Services
  • Driver aged 21 years of age and under 25 years of age:Contact Insurance Services
  • Driver aged 25 years and over, having held a licence less than two years: Contact Insurance Services