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Remote Internet Access Policy

Policy Statement

The Remote Internet Access (RIA) policy has been developed to provide a means for Uniting Church SA personnel to remain accessible via remote internet access when out of the office.  RIA is a valuable business tool and this policy provides guidelines for the efficient management of this facility.  Personnel who use Uniting Church SA supplied RIA must agree to the terms and conditions set out below before they commence using the service.

RIA is made available to Uniting Church SA personnel in situations where they are away from the office during normal office hours.  It is not supplied to encourage out of hours work.

Qualifying for a Uniting Church SA RIA

  • All Executive Officers automatically qualify for RIA.
  • Managers may seek approval from their Executive Officer for RIA.
  • Personnel required to be out of the office for a significant amount of time (at the direction of their Executive Officer) may be provided with RIA where it can be demonstrated as an effective “tool of trade”. 
  • An Executive Officer should only authorise the provision of RIA where they believe it will significantly improve staff efficiency.

Use of the Uniting Church SA RIA

New internet contracts

The RIA user must agree to be bound by the following terms.

IT&T will source and purchase the RIA solution which is best for Uniting Church SA using the following framework (in order of preference):

  • Option 1: eWireless USB internet card with 3GB of data per month (currently $30 per month through Optus). This solution is portable Australia wide (not limited to one location), is easily transferable from one machine to another and has no setup fees; OR
  • Option 2: A rebate towards the cost of private internet connection (valued at the cost to Uniting Church SA of the solution in Option 1 above); OR
  • Option 3:    If any users are outside of the 3G eWireless network or have significant signal strength/speed issues with that provider, Uniting Church SA will supply the most recent ADSL (or best available) connection via the preferred internet supplier.  (It should be noted that the current set-up cost is between $200-500 plus monthly access fees.  The change from the 3G eWireless solution must be made within 30 days to ensure a full refund is received).
  • IT&T will perform a basic set-up of the RIA for Option 1.  The supply and set-up of any ADSL connection (Option 3) will be performed by the internet provider.
  • The Ministry Centre is responsible for the payment of costs incurred in installing and operating the RIA.
  • The RIA is provided primarily for work purposes as private use may incur a Fringe Benefits Tax Liability.  Personnel who use the RIA solutions Options 1 and 3 are responsible for paying for use above the predetermined download cap.
  • Only Uniting Church SA personnel are permitted to operate Uniting Church SA provided equipment.
  • If complications arise while using the RIA for Options 1 and 3, IT&T will attend to it via a helpdesk request.  For Option 2 users, assistance should be sought from the internet connection provider.
  • Personnel should minimise personal use and refrain from downloading significant data via the RIA eWireless solution. 

Personnel with existing internet contracts

Personnel who have existing contracts at the date of commencement of this policy will be permitted to maintain their existing service until the end of the contract period.  They will be offered reimbursement towards their internet contract at the maximum rate of $39.95.  Personnel will be expected to move to the current IT&T solution at the end of the contract period, unless otherwise agreed and will be reimbursed at the rate being charged at that time.

Responsibilities of the Uniting Church SA RIA Recipient

It is the responsibility as the RIA user to:

  • Report any service difficulties to Uniting Church SA.
  • Protect the integrity of the RIA eWireless solution (Option1) by limiting its use to Uniting Church SA personnel only and taking any other steps necessary to ensure that the RIA service is used only for authorized purposes.

The RIA eWireless solution (Option 1) and hardware supplied with an ADSL connection (Option 3) remains the property of Uniting Church SA

Return of the RIA

If an Option 1 or 3 RIA user is no longer employed by Uniting Church SA, or no longer qualifies for the service (as stated under Qualifying for a Uniting Church SA ) the RIA service will be suspended. Personnel must return any RIA related equipment to Uniting Church SA. At this time, any excessive use and expense above the allocated predetermined download cap must be paid and will remain the responsibility of the RIA user.


Periodic reviews may be conducted on appropriate use of Uniting Church SA supplied RIA service. Personnel are required to sign at the foot of this policy as a commitment that they have read and understood the terms and conditions. A copy of this signed policy will be placed in the personnel file.

Breach of this policy may result in cancellation of approval for the Remote Internet Access service and personnel may be subject to disciplinary action.


Executive Officer, Resources Board

I have read and understand the Remote Internet Access policy and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions listed above.
Service Type:    ________________________________
Serial No.:    ________________________________
Download Cap:    _____________________per month
Name:        ________________________________
Signature:      ________________________________     Date:             /            /_______

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