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Long Service Leave Policy

Policy Statement

Full-time, part-time and certain casual personnel employed by Uniting Church SA (‘UCSA’) will be entitled to long service leave under the terms and conditions of the South Australian Long Service Leave Act (SA) 1987.

Paid lay personnel who have completed (ten) 10 years continuous service with UCSA will be entitled to either take, or “cash out” the accrued entitlement to 13 weeks long service leave.  On completion of subsequent years of continuous full-time service, an additional 1.3 weeks long service leave will also be allowed to be taken or “cashed out” for each completed year of service.

Taking Long Service Leave

Long service leave will be taken at a time that is mutually convenient for UCSA and personnel.  At least one (1) month’s notice must be given by personnel intending to take accrued long service leave.

However, UCSA may direct personnel to take the whole or a portion of accrued long service leave by giving at least 60 days’ notice in writing, stipulating when the period of long service leave will commence and cease.

The minimum period of long service leave to be taken will be two (2) weeks.

Prior to taking accrued long service leave, UCSA will provide personnel with the “Second Schedule - Notice to Worker” form as stipulated in the Long Service Leave Regulations 1988.

Cashing out of long service leave entitlements

On resignation/termination

Unused long service leave entitlements will be paid out on termination of employment, in accordance with the Long Service Leave Act 1987.

Option of cashing out taken during continuing employment

After ten (10) years of completed service, up to 25% of the person’s long service leave entitlement may be cashed out. The following formula illustrates the amount due based on taking the maximum 25% leave entitlement:


  • S1 = 10 completed years of service
  • S2 = number of completed years of service greater than 10 years
  • S3 = number of completed years of service cashed out to date
  • CO = cashed out amount


After 10 years of completed service

S1  x 1.3  x  25% = $CO
i.e.  10 years  x  1.3 weeks for each completed years of service x 25% =3.25 weeks maximum

Long Service Leave Policy


(S2 – S3)  x  1.3  x  25% = $CO

Transfer of Entitlements

In instances where lay personnel are transferred between congregations or from congregational employment to the Presbytery and Synod or vice versa, they may be deemed to have continuity of service.  Continuity of service arrangements may only be implemented on mutual agreement from all employing parties at the time of transfer.

If agreement is reached on continuity of service, unused entitlements at the end of one (1) employment contract are transferred to the new ministry centre/congregation, and continue to accrue from the original commencement date of employment with UCSA.  Prior to the transfer occurring, there needs to be agreement between the two (2) employment areas about the responsibility for funding the accrued entitlement at the date of transfer.

Executive Officer, Resources Board

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