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Leave Without Pay Policy

Policy Statement

Leave without pay (LWOP) is a privilege and will only be granted to personnel at the discretion of Uniting Church SA. This will take into account the employee’s particular circumstances and will include assessment of whether the extended leave impacts negatively on either work requirements or other staff.

It will be a requirement that before leave without pay is approved, the employee’s accrued annual leave balance should a) not be greater than two weeks at the time of taking the leave or b) the employee can demonstrate that annual leave will be no greater than two weeks within 6 months of taking LWOP. If the employee is entitled to long service leave, this should be used before requesting any further leave without pay.

All applications for leave without pay must be made on the appropriate Leave Application Form. Generally these applications will be approved by the appropriate manager/supervisor prior to the person commencing leave without pay.  In the case of Presbytery and Synod Ministry Centres, the Executive Officer of the Ministry Centre will assess and approve applications from within their team. If preferred, the EO may refer the request to the Human Resource and Remuneration Committee (HRRC) for assessment and approval. For applications greater than 4 weeks in a calendar year, approval will also be in consultation with the CEO/General Secretary.

Leave without Pay will be dealt with on a case by case basis having regard to each individual set of circumstances.  It will not be approved based on precedent (i.e. one member of the team being granted LWOP does not guarantee that another team member will have LWOP approved).

During any period of leave without pay, entitlements of annual leave, sick leave or long service leave will not accrue. The respective anniversary date will be postponed in line with the period of leave without pay taken.

Executive Officer, Resources Board

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