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Induction/Orientation Policy

Policy Statement

Uniting Church SA induction process will ensure that all new personnel are provided with a thorough introduction to Uniting Church SA, along with an overview of any relevant health and safety requirements, codes of practice and any other operating requirements.

It is the responsibility of each individual Manager/Supervisor to ensure that all new personnel are provided with the necessary information and guidance so they can perform their role safely and effectively and feel welcome to the Uniting Church SA team.

At the conclusion of the induction process, the intended aim is that new personnel will have a genuine sound understanding of:

  • their role within Uniting Church SA;
  • the requirements of their position as outlined in Position Description/Person Specification document;
  • the conditions of their employment, as outlined in the employment contract; and
  • any other relevant guidelines and procedures

 Additionally, new personnel have a responsibility to ensure that they:

have read documentation available and at a minimum the Personnel Handbook.

  • have signed all relevant documentation; and
  • maintain the required performance standards of the position, as established through the Performance Appraisal & Development Plan (PADP) process

Managers/Supervisors have a responsibility for overseeing and guiding the work of all new personnel particularly during the first week, and will ensure that the following occurs:

  • Personnel have signed appointment documentation and the position description, confirming acceptance of the terms and conditions of employment offered prior to commencement of employment.
  • Personnel are given the opportunity to become acquainted with and discuss any issues relating to the terms and conditions of employment.  Personnel must be given a copy of the Personnel Handbook including any Code of Conduct Policy directly relating to the position, along with a statement to be signed by them acknowledging that they have received, read and understood the contents of the Personnel Handbook.
  • Personnel are provided with an information folder that includes general organisational material, annual report, publicity and promotional material.
  • Consider the designation of a ‘buddy’ as part of the Uniting Church SA buddy system, to whom a new person can go with questions.
  • An overview is given of work health and safety issues, rules and procedures.
  • An explanation is given to personnel of the required induction and probation processes.
  • Personnel are introduced to the Payroll Office to arrange the method of payment of salaries, any payroll deductions and the completion of the necessary forms.
  • Personnel are given a tour of their work environment and shown the amenities, fire exits, staff rooms and other important locations.
  • Personnel are introduced to others working in the office particularly those within their actual work area and given an explanation of their co-workers respective roles.
  • Personnel are introduced to Uniting Church SA human resource requirements relevant to their role including but not restricted to Workplace Policies & Procedures and Uniting Church Regulations.
  • The role of the position for which the person has been employed is understood, based on the requirements of the position description.
  • Personnel have a clear understanding of the level of performance expected of them.
  • Personnel know where, what time and to whom they are to report.

By the end of the first week, the appropriate Manager/Supervisor is required to ensure that new personnel:

  • have read the Personnel Handbook;
  • know the purpose, scope and operational requirements of their position;
  • are aware of an alternative person to report to in the absence of their immediate manager/supervisor; and
  • have completed an Induction/Orientation Employee Safety Information and Check List (this can be accessed via Uniting Church SA intranet).

Executive Officer, Resources Board

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