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Handheld Information and Communication Device Policy

Policy Statement

The Handheld Information and Communication Device (HICD) policy has been developed to provide a means for Uniting Church SA personnel to remain accessible when out of the office. These HICD's (PDA's, Smartphones, Blackberry's) are a versatile business tool which can be easily synchronised with Outlook to provide continuous contact with the office. This policy provides guidelines for the efficient management of these devices. Personnel who receive an HICD agree to the terms and conditions set out below when they commence using the device.

This policy is provided to support personnel who qualify for and HICD, however they are not required to use it and instead may choose to use a mobile phone. Only phones provided by IT&T will be supported by Uniting Church SA. Personnel who use their own HICD may claim the cost of work related traffic (guidance must be sought from their manager).

NOTE: An HICD may be supplied to personnel for ease of contact when away from the office and/or for safety and emergency situations, not so that they can be contacted outside normal working hours.

Qualifying for a Uniting Church SA HICD

  • All Executive Officers automatically qualify for an HICD.
  • Managers may seek approval from their Executive Officer for an HICD.
  • Personnel required to be out of the office for a significant amount of time at the direction of their Executive Officer may be provided with an HICD where it can be demonstrated as an effective "tool of trade".
  • An Executive Officer should only authorise the purchase of an HICD where they believe it will significantly improve staff efficiency.

Use of the Uniting Church SA HICD

The user of an HICD must agree to be bound by the following terms:

  • IT&T will source and purchase the HICD which is best for Uniting Church SA.
  • IT&T will perform a basic set-up of the HICD by ensuring personnel's Outlook is functioning correctly.
  • The Ministry Centre is responsible for the payment of costs incurred in purchasing and operating the HICD.
  • The HICD is provided primarily for work purposes, as private use may incur a Fringe Benefits Tax Liability. Limited personal use of the HICD may be allowed. The user of the HICD is responsible for excessive use including expenses incurred for use above the allocated predetermined download cap.
  • Only Uniting Church SA personnel are permitted to operate Uniting Church SA provided equipment. If complications arise while using the HICD, IT&T will attend to it via a helpdesk request.
  • Personnel should limit personal use including the downloading of personal programs, ringtones, screensavers or profiles via the HICD.
  • If IT&T directs that the HICD be sent off site for repair, as much information as possible should be deleted to protect the privacy of Uniting Church SA. The cost of repairs will be at the Ministry Centre's expense.
  • The HICD remains the property of Uniting Church SA, and shall use it in accordance with other Uniting Church SA policies.

Responsibilities of the Uniting Church SA HICD Holder

It is the responsibility of the HICD user to:

  • Safeguard the HICD at all times. The loss of an HICD must be reported immediately to Uniting Church SA.
  • Protect the integrity of the HICD by restricting use of the device to Uniting Church SA personnel only.
  • Comply with Australian Road Safety Regulations. Where deemed necessary, appropriate hands-free kits may be supplied. Any such request must be approved by the relevant Executive Officer.
  • Turn off or select silent mode as requested when in meetings, seminars etc.
  • Use professional judgement about when to leave HICD's switched on and answering calls whilst working with clients or in meetings.
  • Consider privacy and confidentiality of information (including stored information) when using the HICD.

Loss or damaged devices

The Synod will cover the cost of the insurance excess to replace one lost or damaged Synod supplied Hand-held Communication (eg mobile phone, iphone) or Remote Access Device (eg laptop or tablet) during the term of its contract or three years (from the date of purchase) whichever is the lesser. Any further insurance excesses payable as a result of an additional claim(s) within the aforementioned timeframe will be borne by the holder of the device.

Executive Officers will have the discretion to vary this policy where damage to a Synod supplied Hand-held Communication Device supplied to one of their staff members is minor and can be easily and economically repaired at the cost of their Ministry Centre.

Return of the HICD

If an HICD user is no longer employed by Uniting Church SA, or no longer qualifies for the device (as stated under Qualifying for a Uniting Church SA) the HICD service will be suspended. Personnel must return the HICD to Uniting Church SA. At this time, any excessive use and expense above the allocated predetermined download cap must be paid and will remain the responsibility of the HICD user.

At the discretion of the Uniting Church SA consideration may be given to for personnel to purchase the HICD upon resignation or retirement.


Uniting Church SA may conduct periodic reviews on appropriate HICD use and records may be audited from time to time. Personnel are required to sign at the foot of this policy as a commitment that they have read and understood the terms and conditions. A copy of this signed policy will be placed in the personnel file.

Breach of this policy may result in cancellation of approval for the Handheld Communication and Information Device approval and personnel may be subject to disciplinary action.

Signature:     _______________________________________ Date:             /            /            .

Executive Officer, Resources Board


I have read and understand the Handheld Communication and Information Device policy and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions listed above.

Device Type:    __________________________ Serial No.: ________________________________

Download Cap: ________________________________

Name:               ________________________________

Signature:                        _______________________________                    Date:             /            /            .

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