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Exit Interview Policy

Policy Statement

Uniting Church SA will undertake an exit interview for all lay personnel (employee) ceasing their employment with the organisation or who are transferring roles within Uniting Church SA.

Attendance at the interview will be expected and any feedback provided by personnel will be treated on a confidential basis, and information will only be shared with employee’s agreement.

The intention of the exit interview is to provide the exiting employee with an opportunity to:

  • discuss the reasons for choosing to leave UCSA employment or transferring between departments/ministry centres and comments they may have about their levels of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction;
  • provide suggestions for improvement.

Any issues raised by personnel that reflect directly on the quality of the employee/employer relationship, will be referred to the Chief Executive Officer/General Secretary and or Human Resources Manager for review.  If either of these people are not appropriate and or connected with the comments, then the exit interview information should be forwarded to the Moderator as a neutral party.

The *Executive Officer, (or in terms of congregations) the Church Council delegate will be responsible for: 

  • conducting the interview, and
  • processing the information.

The *exceptions are if the Executive Officer is the manager / supervisor of the exiting employee (ie direct report). In these situations, the Executive Officer shall appoint another Executive Officer to undertake the interview and process the information. Alternatively, on the joint agreement of the exiting employee and the Executive Officer, another manager may be asked to conduct the exit interview process.  However the existing personnel’s manager / supervisor are not an appropriate interviewer.

Notwithstanding paragraph four of this policy, the Chief Executive Officer, Human Resources Manager, or (in terms of congregations) the Church Council delegate will be responsible for:

  • reviewing the information;
  • formulating any required action plans with the relevant manager/supervisor;
  • implementing the action plans;
  • Human Resources Manager will advise the Human Resources Remuneration Committee (HRRC) of any matters revealed in the exit interview process requiring consideration of the HRRC.

The following exit interview procedure will be adhered to when personnel cease their employment with Uniting Church SA or are transferring to an alternative department/ministry centre.

  • The exit interview will be conducted in a private room using an exit interview and checklist form accessible on this hyperlink:
  • All information will be recorded verbatim.
  • All property belonging to Uniting Church SA is to be returned during or at the completion of the exit interview. The manager is responsible for receiving such property.
  • A completed exit interview and check list form is to be forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer or Executive Officer, or (in terms of congregations) Chair of Church Council.  Once the information received from the exit interview process has been considered by them, they will be responsible for preparing an action plan to process any issues that need corrective action. The impetus for any corrective action should not be in any way attributed to the exiting employee.
  • The exit interview information will be stored by Human Resources Manager in a secure location.
  • If the personnel do not wish to participate in an exit interview this will be recorded on the  exit interview form and check list and will be kept in the personnel file and signed by both the interviewer and personnel, that personnel does not wish to participate in the exit interview process.
  • All exit interview forms are to be signed by the interviewer and exiting employee.

Executive Officer, Resources Board

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