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Corporate Credit Card Policy

Policy Statement

The corporate credit card policy has been developed to provide a means for Uniting Church SA (UCSA) personnel to pay for UCSA business related expenses through the use of a corporate credit card.  Personnel who receive a corporate credit card must agree to the terms and conditions set out below prior to being issued with a card.

Whilst this policy is provided to clarify who qualifies for a corporate credit card,

Qualifying for a Corporate Credit Card

To qualify for a corporate credit card, UCSA personnel must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Personnel are expected to travel and/or incur significant business related expenses in the regular performance of their duties with UCSA
  • Credit card issue has been approved by the appropriate manager/supervisor, Executive Officer and Deputy General Manager, Resources
  • An application has been submitted to UCSA’s approved credit card provider
  • The corporate credit card provider has approved the issue of a corporate credit card
  • The card holder has read and acknowledged the terms and conditions of the credit card provider
  • A signed copy of this policy has been received

and be prepared to acknowledge the facility, allocation and management is at the discretion of UCSA.

Use of the Corporate Credit Card

Use of the Corporate Credit card is limited to UCSA business related expenses including:

  • Travel expenses *
  • Meals *
  • Incidental travel related expenses *
  • Event related expenses
  • Once-off expenses directly related to the duties of the card holder
  • Other expenses as authorised by the appropriate Executive Officer prior to the use of the credit card

*  Further details are contained within the “Travel Expenses Reimbursement Policy and Procedures”.

Personnel may also choose to use a personal credit card to cover their business related expenses and claim reimbursement.

Use of the corporate credit card for non-UCSA expenses is not permitted under this policy.  Arrangements must be made to immediately reimburse UCSA for any unauthorised items inadvertently purchased using the corporate credit card.

Responsibilities of the Corporate Credit Card Holder

It is the responsibility as the corporate credit card holder to:

  • Safeguard the credit card, credit card account number and password at all times.  Lost or stolen credit cards must be reported immediately (see section below on “Lost or Stolen Cards”).
  • Keep the credit card in a secure location at all times.
  • Protect the integrity of the credit card by not allowing anyone else to use the credit card and/or credit card account number.
  • Obtain and retain original itemised tax invoices for goods and services purchased on the card. Personnel should make every attempt to obtain an original tax invoice related to the credit card transaction.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, review transactions received from the credit card provider via the Expense Management Software at least monthly, checking for accuracy and ensure all transactions posted are legitimate.
  • Process transactions and submit for approval by your Manager.  Complete a Document Control Report (previously Visa requisition) and submit with photocopied tax invoices to Financial Services with ten (10) business days from the end of the statement period.

Return of the Card

If a corporate credit card holder is no longer employed by UCSA, or it is deemed that personnel no longer qualify for the card (see above – “Qualifying for a Corporate Credit Card”) the corporate credit card will be cancelled.  Personnel must return the card to UCSA.  At that time, all outstanding transactions must be reconciled.  Non-UCSA business related expenses will remain the responsibility of the card holder.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Should personnel lose their corporate credit card, they must notify the credit card provider immediately in accordance with the Card Member Agreement by contacting:

Westpac Bank Card Services on 1800 650 107

The card holder should also notify Financial Services and commence the process of applying for a replacement card.


Credit card records will be audited for appropriate card usage from time to time.

Personnel are required to sign this policy to indicate that they have read and understood the terms and conditions of being a card holder.  A copy of the signed policy will be placed in the personnel file.

Breach of this policy may result in cancellation of the card and may subject personnel to disciplinary action.

Executive Officer, Resources Board



I have read and understand the Corporate Credit Card policy and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions listed above.

Name:     _________________________________        Date:             /            /            .

Signature:    _________________________________

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