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Code of Conduct

Code Scope

Councils of Synod: Employees as defined here> 

Location/site: All locations of the Councils of Synod as defined here> 

Congregations: Are encouraged to adopt/adapt this policy for their work environments for specified ministries, employees and volunteers as defined here> 

Code Statement

The Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of South Australia actively promotes a way of life which embraces Christian values and ethics within all of its personnel. These include:

  • Respect and care for every individual
  • Inclusion
  • Acceptance
  • Justice
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Co-operation and achieving through teams
  • Wise stewardship; and
  • Professional excellence

Code of conduct and behavioural principles

All personnel are expected to demonstrate behaviour in accordance with the contents of this code in the areas of; care, respect, communication, collaboration and teamwork and professionalism.

Care and respect; Uniting Church SA acknowledges that every individual has different gifts and skills and personnel are to:

  • treat others with dignity and respect
  • behave courteously and without prejudice at all times
  • respect the right of others to confidentiality
  • value all personnel, their gifts and contributions.

Communication; Uniting Church SA acknowledges the importance of good workplace communication and personnel are to:

  • communicate courteously, openly and honestly
  • listen with understanding
  • refrain from communicating in a discourteous, abusive, intimidating, sarcastic or patronising manner.
  • Manage and seek to resolve conflict constructively.

Collaboration and teamwork; Uniting Church SA recognises and encourages that personnel are part of many teams and personnel are required to:

  • work collaboratively
  • take an active role within a team environment
  • share knowledge
  • share responsibility and ownership
  • respect the rights of others
  • be realistic in expectations of others; and
  • acknowledge and recognise achievements

Professionalism and excellence; Uniting Church SA acknowledges that professionalism and excellence both increase job satisfaction and facilitate Uniting Church SA achievements.  Personnel are required to:

  • work proficiently
  • ensure that organisational policy and procedures are current and adhered to
  • embrace skill development opportunities
  • seek advice from others
  • be open to constructive feedback
  • emphasise intentional continuous improvement
  • report any reasonable suspicions of fraud or malpractice

Stewardship; Uniting Church SA acknowledges it is entrusted with the responsibility of resources (people, financial and physical), and therefore requires all personnel to exercise wise and careful stewardship of all the resources entrusted to them. 

Personnel Responsibilities

The highest possible standards of behaviour, ethics and integrity are expected of all personnel of Uniting Church SA as a condition of their employment and/or engagement with the Uniting Church SA.

The standards expected include but are not limited to:

  • compliance with Uniting Church in Australia Constitution and Regulations and all organisational policies, procedures, and contractual obligations
  • compliance with all relevant industry legislative requirements in the performance of duties
  • adherence to appropriate Professional Codes of Practice and/or Ethics, including the Uniting Church in Australia Code of Ethics
  • compliance with all reasonable and lawful instructions of managers/supervisors
  • observing worker health and safety rules, responsibilities and practices at all times
  • ensuring the confidentiality of any information, records or other sensitive material acquired, during the course of employment and/or after the cessation of employment with Uniting Church SA
  • demonstrating honesty and fairness in all dealings with all personnel, clients, co-workers, management, visitors and the general public
  • respect for Uniting Church SA equipment, supplies and property
  • not making any unauthorised statements to the media about Uniting Church SA activities. Requests for media statements must be referred to the appropriate responsible person  (refer to Communications Media Policy, Social Media Policy)
  • not using offensive language and/or inappropriate behaviour in the workplace
  • not being involved in unlawful discrimination or harassment in the workplace (refer to Uniting Church SA Workplace Bullying & Harassment Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy)
  • not being under the influence of alcohol, any illegal drugs or other medication that could adversely affect personnel’s behaviour or place themselves or others at risk of injury, whilst in the workplace or travelling to and from the workplace (refer to Alcohol, Drug & Smoking general information and *Alcohol and Drug Policy)

 A breach of this Code of Conduct by personnel may result in the commencement of disciplinary action.

  • Uniting Church in Australia Code of Ethics (Uniting Church in Australia Constitution & Regulations, 2010)
  • Uniting Church SA Equal Opportunity Policy
  • Uniting Church SA Workplace Bullying & Harassment Policy
  • Uniting Church SA Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Uniting Church SA Confidentiality Policy
  • Uniting Church Computer, Email and Internet Policy
  • Ethical Guidelines for Members & Adherents of the Uniting Church in Australia (1999)
  • Uniting Church SA Media Communications Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Alcohol, Drug and Smoking - Guidance information 

Other policy(s) currently under development:

  •  *Alcohol and Drug Policy


Executive Officer, Resources


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