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A Foreword - Workplace Policies and Procedures

The Uniting Church SA Workplace Policies and Procedures relating to human resources and work health and safety, have been developed to provide policies and procedures for the management of all personnel of the Uniting Church SA. This includes personnel of the Councils of Synod (being the Synod Office, Uniting College for Leadership & Theology, Uniting Venues SA, Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC)), and in most cases Uniting Church SA congregations. These policies and procedures do not relate to personnel employed by community and aged care services, hospital, schools and colleges associated with the Uniting Church which are separately incorporated.

These policies and procedures recognise that good management of people and ensuring their safety is part of the Uniting Church's belief that its personnel are the Church's most valuable asset.

The policies and procedures have been developed with reference to the following:

  1. All legislation relevant to the employment relationship and work health and safety between the Church and its personnel.
  2. Compliance with the Uniting Church SA's policies, procedures and processes which provide the ethos and practical guidance to encourage, develop and assist personnel to be part of a safe working environment.
  3. Employment Relationships based on fair and consistent processes.
  4. Existing organisational policy and practice.

The purpose of these policies and procedures is to provide a reference base of standards relating to policies, procedures, benefits, and practices that apply to personnel.  It is acknowledged that employer's representatives need to apply the policies and procedures in a manner specific to the needs of their particular work area, however, the intention is to have a consistent approach in order to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all personnel.

The Executive Officer, Resources of the Presbytery and Synod Office is responsible for ensuring that the contents of these policies and procedures are understood and applied by all personnel.  Training, advice and support will be provided as determined by the Executive Officer, Resources.  The Executive Officer, Resources will ensure that the policies and procedures will be constantly reviewed to maintain their relevance and integrity in line with appropriate legislation and ensure that they provide quality practice, advice and direction.

All employer's representatives have an obligation to provide continuing constructive comment on the Policies and Procedures.  Regular review will ensure that they will remain relevant to the needs of the organisation and personnel.  Comments from individual personnel will be valued and encouraged.

If requested, a copy of any part of the policies and procedures will be provided written in a person's native language, where personnel are unable to adequately understand written English.

The policies and procedures are only as successful as they are applied.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Officer, Resources or a nominated delegate for any assistance, clarification or support you may require.

* Refer to definitions below

Executive Officer, Resources 


1. Personnel

The term personnel include the following categories of people:

(i) People in specified ministries

  • Minister of the Word
  • Deacon
  • Ministry of Pastor
  • Lay Pastor (as defined in the Uniting Church Regulations pre 1 July 2008)
  • Accredited Youth Worker (as defined under the Uniting Church Regulations pre 1 July 2008)

For specified ministries, the Workplace Policies and Procedures work in conjunction with the Uniting Church in Australia Regulations and Code of Ethics documents.

Please note:

Ministry of Pastor

In context of employment and industrial legislation (including leave provisions, superannuation levy, Long Service Leave, Workers Compensation Act) MOPs are deemed to be employees and are covered under the heading of Employees below.  Therefore Workplace Policies for employee status will apply.

Conversely, the terms and conditions pertaining to a Minister of the Word in placement (in relation to specific allowances and entitlements) may at times be applicable to a Ministry of Pastor position as assessed by Uniting Church SA Pastoral Relations. Therefore in this instance not all Workplace Policies for employee status will be applicable.

(ii) Employees

These are personnel who are remunerated for the work they undertake within the Church and who are not in specified ministry (with the exception of some Ministry of Pastor appointments.  Refer note above in section 1).  The terms and conditions of employment are those prescribed in the relevant Award and the National Employment Standards (NES) of the Fair Work Act 2009.

Please note: Policies and conditions relating to Government superannuation levies will in some cases not apply to Ministry of Pastor positions.

(iii) Volunteers

Unpaid voluntary workers.

(iv)  Councils of Synod

  • Uniting Church SA Presbytery and Synod Office
  • Uniting College for Leadership & Theology
  • Uniting Venues SA
  • Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC)


2. Workplace

The term 'workplace' generally means, but may not be restricted to:

  • any Uniting Church SA place of worship
  • any Uniting Church SA congregational property
  • any other property owned by Uniting Church SA
  • any other location where Uniting Church SA activities or functions are being held


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