Modern Awards and National Minimum Wage

The Synod Office has prepared award minimum wage rates and penalty loaded wage rates in a summarised table format. The information contained within the tables is in accordance with the provisions of each of the awards which have application to the Uniting Church SA. The wage rates will be subject to increases / amendments resulting from National Wage Case Decisions and other award changes as they become applicable.


The Award wage rates tables by occupational groups:


The summarised provisions of the Awards scope of ordinary hours, penalty and overtime loadings:


Links to the Awards information on the Fair Work Commission website, including amendments:

Clerks Private Sector Award 2020>

Miscellaneous Award 2020>

Higher Education Industry - General Staff - Award 2020>


The National Minimum Adult Wage Rate

  • $19.84 per hour for permanent or fixed term employees
  • $24.80 per hour for casual employees (noting that this rate includes a 25% loading).

For more information about these rates, including minimum junior wage rates, can be accessed on this link to the Fair Work Commission website>