Method of Calculation of Congregation Contributions

Congregation contributions are calculated based on the previous year’s income (not the net profit) excluding the following income sources:

  • Funds received for forwarding on to another organisation e.g. Christmas Bowl, Lenten Appeal. 
  • Grant funds received from Grant in Aid or Uniting Foundation
  • Funds raised for a specific purpose e.g. a fundraising evening for the upgrade of an organ

In addition, the following expenses can be deducted from the income to determine the base amount;

  • Expenses relating to the maintenance of an income-producing property can be deducted from total rental income received e.g. $1,000 rental income received but repairs and maintenance totalled $400,  therefore the congregation would include $600 as rental income in their Mission & Service Fund calculation.
  • Expenses directly related to the activities of an unregistered sub-entity such as op-shop can be deducted from the income produced by that sub-entity for the purpose of income calculations.

There is also an amount of 0.17% of income or $20 (whichever is the higher amount) for each period to cover the national Redress Administration Levy.