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Seeds of Hope in Troubled Times: second retreat with Margaret Silf

Sevenhill Centre of Ignatian Spirituality

College Road, Sevenhill

30 April 2018 6:00pm - 2 May 2018 3:00pm

Event details

The caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly is a remarkable model of transformation. If this can take place in the humble caterpillar, how much more so for us, engaged on a journey of spiritual evolution. This retreat will explore opportunities for us to give birth to this transformation and be co-creators of a different kind of future for humanity.

Margaret Silf is a dynamic and engaging spiritual explorer, writer, speaker and retreat giver who engages with other pilgrims through her books, retreats and spiritual conversation. Margaret is a mother and grandmother who lives in Staffordshire, England and travels extensively to share her passion about making spirituality accessible to all. Margaret has a wide range of best selling books including her most recent books “Hidden Wings: Emerging From Troubled Times with New Hope and Deeper Wisdom” and “Born to Fly: A Handbook for Butterflies-In-Waiting.”

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