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The Corner Kids Performing Arts Group Musical

The Corner Uniting Church

corner Oaklands & Diagonal Roads, Warradale

17 December 2017 10:00am - 11:30am

Event details

The Corner Kids Performing Arts Group proudly presents Guinea Pigs in the Manger, a Christmas musical for the whole family!

Followed by morning tea.

For nearly 800 years, the Nativity scene has been displayed to celebrate Christmas. Many families have Christmas traditions involving setting up decorations and the Nativity scene. This musical is about children playing with the Nativity characters and some unexpected visitors. The shepherds visit the humble stable where Jesus is sleeping in a make-shift bed in the food trough for the animals, which was called a manger.

The Nativity ornaments are excited to be on display in the lounge room. Meanwhile, three guinea pigs set out on an adventure when their cage is left unlocked. Feeling guilty the family pets are missing, the children panic trying to find them. No-one should feel lost and scared at Christmas.

The guinea pigs discover the Nativity scene and think it will make a lovely new comfy home once they can push the ‘statues’ out of the way. But when the guinea pigs hear the Nativity story, they realise the importance of these special ornaments and believe there is not enough room for them; they don’t belong.

We encourage you to re-look at the Nativity set - where are the characters positioned? Who is there? Can they move around? Our story asks us “how can we make room for others at Christmas?”

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