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Synod of South Australia

At the November 2018 Presbytery and Synod meeting, voting members agreed that the existing structure of one Synod and one Presbytery in South Australia (existing since 2006) be modified to allow for more than one Presbytery.

The meeting further agreed to:

  • A non-geographical Presbytery (NGP) would be created to operate by 1 July, 2019
  • Additional Presbytery(ies) would be formed
  • Congregations will have an opportunity to nominate which Presbytery they wish to be part of

The vision for this new logo, is for the Uniting Church in South Australia to be reminded of its core values: to be a missional church which undertakes ministry in accordance with the Basis of Union and the will of God.

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Naming Conventions

The correct formal name for the Synod is ‘The Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of South Australia’. The correct shorthand is ‘Synod of South Australia’ or ‘Synod of SA.'  See in more detail in the Synod of SA Interim Style Guide 2020.

Legal Entity name is 'The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (S.A.)' which is needed for any legal or financial communications. 

When referring to the Uniting Church in South Australia (as the whole entirety) the registered trading name 'Uniting Church South Australia' can be used. 


  • 'UCASSA' (refers to Uniting Church Australia, Synod of South Australia)
  • 'UCASA' (refers to Uniting Chuch Australia, in South Australia)
  • 'Synod of SA'


Logo library

Various file types of the Uniting Church emblem and the Uniting Church Australia, Synod of South Australia logo are available to meet your print/display needs. Usage must comply with the official guidelines set out below.

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