UnitingCare Synergy - Savings on electricity and gas

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Do you know how much is your congregation is currently paying for electricity? What about gas?

Reviewing and negotiating new electricity and gas contracts for churches can generate some significant savings but it can be a confusing process.

The Synod of SA doesn’t mandate an electricity or gas retailer but it does have access to energy contracts through Church Resources. Church Resources offer competitive rates and discounts through AGL and will assist Uniting Churches with transferring to this provider.

For more information contact 1300 793 477 or email churchresources@agl.com.au.

Churches that would prefer to find their own deals should firstly work out what energy tariffs and other fees are from a recent invoice and have that invoice ready before contacting retailers.

Remember to ask for their exact tariffs, not just the discount offered. There are free bill comparison services available to help you compare offers, for example: https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/.

Churches with electricity large meters, should contact Emily Brodie-Tyrrell, Synergy Manager synergy@sa.uca.org.au to discuss joining the Synergy group contract. Synergy will be going out to tender again in 2020.


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