South Australia Bushfires

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Given the recent bushfires in South Australia over the Christmas and New Year period, if you have suffered any property damage and haven’t yet reported the damage to us, please contact Insurance Services as soon as possible to report your claim.

Some points to consider when lodging as insurance claim;

  • Report the issue to Insurance services ASAP after the incident or as soon as the damage is noticed.
  • Fully document the incident including details of damaged property, plant and equipment.
  • Photograph any damage as appropriate to establish the nature and extent of all damage sustained.
  • Do not remove any damaged property, plant and equipment until viewed by a loss adjuster, unless necessary (i.e. due to safety, to reduce further damage, to recover).
  • If the property, plant and equipment needs to be removed place in temporary storage, do not throw out.

We are now well into the new insurance year and thank you to all the congregations who have paid their insurance renewals promptly. For those who have not paid yet we would appreciate the finalisation of these amounts as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions about insurance, please contact Insurance Services on 08 8236 4222 or email us at Turn on Javascript!


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