Safe-Tea Break: COVID-19 - Working from Home

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COVID-19 - Working from Home

During the current pandemic we are being advised to work from home wherever possible to help with reducing the spread. This may be second nature to some, however for many this will be a completely new experience.

Office based and admin roles are more readily transferable to the home but practical and customer facing roles not so.  The following points are some simple things to consider when consulting with your employees:

  • Determine what meaningful work can be done from home. It’s important for both parties to remain productive and engaged with each other.
  • Be flexible with work load and careful when considering ‘new’ duties. Do not simply fill the work hours. Work should be related to usual roles and consistent with skills and training.  Please contact Human Resources if you have any specific concerns.
  • Ensure home work environments are safe and employees have the equipment they need. Employees can use their own, but may need to borrow or have new equipment purchased for them.
  • Seek confirmation of home workspaces. A photograph and a simple self-assessment will suffice in most cases.
  • Encourage staff to continue a regular routine. Working at home can be more distracting but also just as productive.
  • Communication is key and it’s important to find a balance. Too much is intrusive, too little can contribute to anxiety

Remember, a home workplace is different for everyone.  Whether it’s working around childcare commitments, working alone or coming to terms with a new way of working. Your understanding, flexibility, positivity and encouragement is even more important at this time.

If you would like to discuss this or any other WHS related matters, church council members are encouraged to ring 1300 766 956 or email Wayne Booth, WHS Coordinator Turn on Javascript!


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