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Many congregations are now meeting together in person and have opened their buildings again. This presents a great opportunity to re-visit the maintenance matters of your building. As you re-enter your building, try and view the whole site with ‘fresh eyes.’ Are there things that visitors might notice that perhaps regulars might overlook? Are there some items that may have been missed during the shutdown period? Is it time to:

  • clean your gutters?
  • have your fire safety equipment checked?
  • do your electrical appliance testing & tagging?
  • attend to trip hazards?
  • service your heating/cooling system?
  • give your whole property a spring clean?

Your church council should have received their Building Safety Report for your property by now. This report will assist in ensuring all of our buildings are safe for everyone, and identifies specific matters that should be attended to. If you have not seen the report please check with your church council to ensure they have received and considered the report. The report also provides templates for the church council to establish regular maintenance schedules for buildings, so-as to remain on top of the myriad of things that need to be done to keep the church safe and compliant.

If there are any queries in relation to the Buildings Safety Report, please email Turn on Javascript!


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