Mission & Service Fund Contributions

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Contributing to the Wider Mission

Each year congregations are asked to provide funding towards the wider mission of the Uniting Church through the Mission & Service Fund (MSF). These contributions are calculated as a percentage of the total operating income of each congregation, currently 10%.

The formation of multiple presbyteries has changed the way these amounts will be collected and distributed in 2020. From the MSF contribution – 6% will be collected for the Synod and 4% will be collected for each presbytery. In addition to this each presbytery has elected to collect a further direct contribution of 2% from each congregation.

The calculation for 2020 will be based from each congregation’s 2019 financial results.

To ensure this process is simple and efficient these contributions, together with the annual Redress Levy, will be collected via direct debit of 10 monthly payments. The first of these payments will be due on Wednesday 25 March 2020.

Congregations are asked to complete a contribution form which calculates these amounts and provides the payment schedule. This form can be found at: https://sa.uca.org.au/finance/mission-and-service-fund. It will also be distributed direct to all treasurers.

The contributions collected through the Mission & Service Fund and the Direct Presbytery Contributions are vital to the life of the Church in South Australia. Thank you to all congregations and members who contribute faithfully to the mission of our Church.

Any questions about the changes to Mission & Service Fund contributions can be emailed to the Synod Financial Services Team at Turn on Javascript!.


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